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Scheduled Maintenance for March 29-30, 2021

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for March 29-30, 2021’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

errrr no more hp regen? or …

probably just the notion that the target that has the Blood Curse debuff can no longer recover HP and SP for the debuff duration(it’s the change of the debuff tool tip).
For the effect of the skill,you have to look at the skill description tool tip, which hasn’t changed

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phew, was scared there foor a minute hahaha XD

  • Barrier’s Cooldown is changed from 30 seconds to 60 seconds

Sad Paladin noises

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Barrier:Devotion is pretty useless anyway, not that it matters much, because squishy party members will usually kill the Paladin and tanky members live comfortably just with the 20% damage reduction

The only sad part is the individual loss of 12% pdef boost when solo

Thanks for forgeting to bring Swordsmen update in this Patch, IMC.

[PP] Martian Ambition Package


" Breath of Power Purifier: Can be used as material of purifying Breath of Power, 1 purifier is needed to purify 1 Breath of Power"

This is a great addition, but gated behind ultra-difficult raid. Plus you need Legend Lv.430 accessories and crafted ark (aka 6 archstone set), which basically rules out everybody but a few people that will never be able to match unless they are all connected at the same time. In that case, they will probably make a fixed party and do the regular raid…

“Res Sacrae Raid: Auto Match Multiply Token”

The good: this will help people who have a hard time finding 5 people for the match getting all the runs at once. The bad: where the hell do you get these? in gacha I suppose?

“150+ skill gems added”

I suppose to get these you need to open a gem box from DCP that you get once in months and drops something irrelevant 99.99999% of the time due to being randomly chosen in a pool of all the skills in the game. When will the absurdity stop and we get a box that lets you choose a USEFUL gem?

“Weekend burning event”

WOW the link ACTUALLY redirects to the April page!
(Contents Point acquisition x2: this is actually a great idea)

“Assister Dungeon Section 9 (stage 41~45) and Section 10 (stage 46~50) are added.”

A fine addition. First 40 stages are a joke now, I hope the new stages will be at least somewhat challenging for the level 440+ assisters.

“New contents to expand Assister Cost is added, and a new Achievement reward can be received according to the cleared contents”


I suppose this adds to the regular cost, which doesn’t require much to be able to use 2* legendaries or 3* uniques all the way. Some of these are easy, some will require time, some like clearing 30x hard res sacrae raid are utopical to attain.

“Some buff skills are changed to renew the skill level in real-time”

Wasn’t this already the case? I tried to switch to Durandal yesterday with my Fencer to get level 7 Gung Ho, but the damage output when switching back to rapier was exactly the same as when using Gung Ho at level 5. Basically all low level items that give skill level bonuses are now obsolete. Of course you can still use a Duelist rapier with a level 170 Fencer, but once at level 220 the +1 bonus will be not worth sacrificing all the attack from upgrading to a level 220 rapier.

And drumroll…

"Emoticon you have is united as a team unit."
"Emoticon you have is united as a team unit."
"Emoticon you have is united as a team unit."
"Emoticon you have is united as a team unit."

How many years did we have to wait for this??? This was a nonsense and it’s finally fixed…

And skill changes means respecing chars again :frowning:

“Fixed the issue that the Pull effect of Vaivora Staff - Biased Gravity is applied to the NPC of Gemstone Feud.”

Oh no, they fixed the only fun I had with my Kino in feud…

“Fixed the positioning skills that were inconvenient to operate by the UI problem in mouse mode”


Could this be…?

Anyway, this seems a big patch and expect extended maintenance and exp tomes as compensation :wink:

Best part of the patch

Now I wish they did the same with event titles…



Now make titles universal too!
Or at least some. So I can have those extremely old ones that never came back, like Shady Geologist and Knowledgeable Savior.

I wonder what Giltine as a summon looks like. A 10 star Boruta card + another 10 star legendary card required to craft her to use as a summon is probably asking for too much,though…

I have both the cards ready to go and am actively trying my best to obtain her. However, the Glimpses of Chaos seem to be extraordinarily rare to obtain as drops from the raid, and only 3 groups on the Klaipeda server are clearing the raid. For reference, I’ve personally seen 2 full Archstones drop already from the raid and I still don’t have 1 glimpse. You need 10.

Hopefully the nerfs make it easier for those 3 groups and more groups to clear.

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Incomplete Kara is level 430 and costs 20 arch stone fragments to craft, lowering the cost from 6 -> 4 arch stones. Somewhat substantial.

and wastes a lot of scorched belongings of Tel Harsha, which people who do not have Karaliene probably have a harder time getting the maximum amount of every week.
This means you’re deliberately delaying your progress for the sake of a chance at some crappy gems, of which only the black ones make a difference since their effect is always active.
The effect in case of unfinished Karaliene pyktis isn’t even worth the investment, triukas may be different, but looking at the reduced effectiveness of the counter buff, which is by itself bad (and thus replaced by fixed damage when upgraded to Lucifieri), you might feel like shooting yourself in the foot later on if you ever get lucky with an Arch Stone drop.

The only way to drop the black gems is, again, the unreliable gem boxes that contain coal 99% of the time.
You can get them additionally by “chance”, but we all know what by chance means in IMCs terms.

Looking at it, Res Sacrae auto matching (hard) is catered to endgame players to significantly reduce the amount of resources they spend to level their gems and res sacrae.
I wish they put in another content to significantly reduce the time to actually reach endgame standard by dropping arch stones/arch stone fragments at a reliably high rate [5% and higher for full Arch Stones or 50% and higher for fragments] so Karaliene accessories can be crafted faster, the players are still gated by the time they need to collect the scorched valuables afterwards anyway.

Not that I think I’d have fun doing Res Sacrae dungeon hard , the original version is already just another content with bloated monsters you can hardly tank with defensive classes while you deal close to no damage, making it the same lame experience like Tel Harsha and all the raids in the game where you run from the mechanics and then hit the monster 1000 times without any effect and then suddenly it drops dead and the reward for that fight isn’t even worth it 99% of the time because you don’t progress into any direction.

I think another game might be the answer then because Res Sacrae is here to stay with a max +200 all stats and substantial bonuses from gems and the RP system particularly at higher levels.

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Nah, you can just ignore the content for now, it’s just about min-maxing for people who have all the stuff already,at least according to iMC.
Black gems will be coming as free handouts in a few weeks anyway (current KTOS handouts have at least 3 black gem boxes for Res Sacrae), so until then it’s 2 times per week that dungeon for some coal to stack until eventually you have all the other stuff done (ark stage 10 + karaliene/lucifieri) so you can invest blessed gems here till no tomorrow, lvling up the res sacrae and attempting the same for the gems once you’ve reached lv 4+ on res sacrae.