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Scheduled Maintenance for March 24, 2020

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for March 24, 2020’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


And fencers, arditi, sheriffs, etc. will still miss their buffs for this week as well…at this rate, i’ll finish gearing up before those buffs come.

The event items in the popo shop are actually crappy. CM box when you get almost infinite stuff from Weekend Burning event? T10 scroll for 20k points?

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As I said 2 weeks ago, do not expect a big update until server merge.

so the only thing in that patch isn’t even for this week ?

thanks for utterly nothing then
oh wait, new laeticia, never mind it’s not just lazy it’s also insulting …


You guys should thank IMC for giving us so much time to prepare for the next balance patch.

Imagine how lost we would be, if we go them too fast!

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Then i’ll just continue to complain until that date. As far as fencers go, those buffs were meant as a way to make up for the missing subweapon attribute other classes have got instead. Other classes got their buffs, fencers and a couple others are still missing theirs. Putting aside the matter of whether those buffs were enough to make up for the inferior physical attack you have due to no subweapon attribute, according to their balance i’m supposed to be underperforming until they deign us with those buffs, in a situation where gearing up heavily depends on your damage ranking versus a world boss…done versus other players that have been buffed instead. Really fair, truly.
And all of this is happening cause they decided to implement only part of a patch - the professional alchemist and some other things were from that same patch and they’re ingame now, so what’s even the point?
And all of this is happening cause for whatever reason they decided to apply only part of a patch - they deliberately implemented everything but the balance changes from the 9th January kTos patch.

Well, thanks a lot.

So nothing until May 12?

may be due to coronavirus lockdown… all staffs of IMC are “work from home”


I just want to clarify…

Popo points will reset NEXT WEEK?

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4 Anniversary ? nope ? mb add some event ? only Letecia ? hmmm look not good

Few adjustments are still being made, but it will not going to wait “That” long


Nah, we’re on office, sanitary action and wearing masks are must, but yeah.

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No, its a auto-reset issue, its also written caution message on poposhop ui but we would also like to give alert on this one on announcement. That point will going to reset exactly on Server time 1st of April.

when will scout be buff? :sad:


Did you guys nerfed Icewall shards combo with other skills??? Only Psychic Pressure works …

Stay safe, everyone.

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Hmm I’ve played my cryo-kino yesterday and Gravity Pole was still working with Ice Wall…

It sometimes works, more often it doesn’t … specially when I’m trying it on CM outerwall15 … I should have taken a video but was so annoyed by it I just finished stage 6 XDDD Hope they fix this on the next maintenance …