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Scheduled Maintenance for March 11-12, 2019

New: Irredian Shelter and Guild Hangout Raids coming to TOS next week!


Early patch notes :3

I wish to recommend a delay on the pop ups, maybe 5 min after loading game or after you move as the game swarm you with pop ups even before the game loads and most people just rush skip em :confused:

alot of useful updates in here!


Woot… finally something!

“Players have a chance to obtain one of the following rewards by opening the Irredian Cube”

Finally a way to get Magic Stones. I just hope the seals you get from the cubes are tradable…

“A Statue of Goddess Vakarine can be found within the Hunting Grounds”

Great. Will also help since there’s no statue in that area past the Istora Ruins one.

“All monsters found in the Hunting Grounds will be KoS”

Huh? “Kill on Sight”?

" NEW Guild Hangout Raid"

Wow this looks like solo guild mode version of Boruta…

“Damage dealt to the raid boss during the Hangout Raid is converted into contribution points”

So? Everyone must come with their best DPS? What about the priests who come to heal others?

" Level Dungeons"

A good thing. This should somewhat ensure that you get people queued when you want to do a run with a midlevel char. Unfortunately this also means that some drops you want to get will be even more diluted into utter trash. I hope people have stockpiled Max Petamions before for the new accessories, because I don’t see how you will be able to craft any now…

" Borutos Kapas"

So we get the half-baked patch… I wonder what “a certain distance” is when speaking about invulnerability.

“Players will no longer be able to open a Cube when they possess more than 32,767 items that can be obtained from the corresponding Cube”

This confirms what I thought: quantities are stored using a short integer and you cannot have more than 32767 of the same item because of that.

" Beak Mask"


" Rampage"
“Replaced the skill’s knockback/knockdown immunity effects with evasion”

Is that the bugged version that makes you take zero damage if you die?

" Tincturing"
“The number of potions selected to be crafted will now be created at once.”

I just heard the sound of a collective orgasm…

" Cryomancer"
“A delay will be added between fragment attacks of the Ice Wall”

RIP Cryo :frowning:

“Guild members’ days since last login will now be displayed properly.”

Heh… At least this will help leaders see who’s been inactive for a long time.

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Good stuff!

Didn’t expect such a nice surprise right before the weekend.

this all very nice X3

it’s only a matter of time before they fix my scout hair / eye problem Owo

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That’s the update that will keep DGS on after using dagger skills (like assassin skills)?

yups its good, but the Nak Muay skill “sok chiang” bug was still not mentioned in the Fixes T_T huhuhu

Finally the 390 HG, Baubas Cave is just pure cancer as Cleric…

@draconis KoS means they will be aggressive and hunt you down whenever you come into their field of view (which is several dozen times larger than that of the monsters in Baubas Cave).

No idea what the abbreviation stands for,exactly,though, because it cannot be kill on sight, no matter what.
With the STAFFs general lack of knowledge about game terminology and standard English, it wouldn’t surprise me,though, if they simply used the wrong words/abbreviation…

So can we upgrade seals now?

IMC you just forget about templar update? REALLY?
Thank you

@STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan

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And about templar changes? Did you simply forget? Please answer us about it

Finally a good patch :prince:

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click on img

why big patches always not in time?

Cassis Crista

  • Removed the 50% physical damage reduction effect.

Beak Mask

  • Cooldown increased from 10 to 60 seconds.
  • SP consumption at Lv 300 increased from 150 to 225.
  • Skill duration reduced to 1/3 in PvP combat.


  • Cooldown increased from 35 to 45 seconds.
  • SP consumption at Lv 300 increased from 202 to 217.
  • Duration changed to [20 + (skill level x 4)].
  • Skill duration reduced to 1/3 in PvP combat.

sry (not sry)



Plagued Doctor :haha:

I hope that apply to gem feud too, PDs are really annoying there

Does this mean Scout Classes won’t get 1000 class change point?
On the corresponding balance patch on Ktos, Scout classes received both 1000 Class change points and 1 set of reset potions.

Also, how come Necro, Psycho, Druid, and Monk are omitted from the compensation eligible classes?

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