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Scheduled Maintenance for July 28, 2020

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for July 28, 2020’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

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time to clear all the blessed gem on market then

(i had accidentally replied to another post, so i’ll delete that and repost it)

So stop:control monster is being fixed. What about all the people who used it so far and their titles, equipments, etc.?
Just joking, nothing will be done, as usual.

New icy waifu is up! And this is a HUGE patch…

“Rewards: - Level 380 Unique Weapon Recipe”


“Upgrades in Episode Quest”

I wish the maps that were downgraded from main to subquests were also added to the episode breaking process to make easier to track them down while questing.

“- Collect and use 10 [Arch Stone Fragment] , receive 1 of 4 random [Arch Stone Fragment].”

Receive a random arch stone heh.

“Continue Offering function does not apply on Goddess’ Bless”

Ow that’s too bad, it would have been really useful there because you usually want to use the “offer” 101 times (100 times to get an actual AP coupon and one more time for the 1% chance extra item). Pressing button 101 times – and in less than a minute! – is really a pain.

" Personal Housing is opening."


“Demon Lord Warpulis”

My memory fails me… where do we find this one in the game?

“Decreases entry number when entering the Weekly Boss Raid.”

No kidding? So if the game crashes on you you LOSE the entry? Words are failing me…

“Mirtis basic attack range is adjusted”

I hope it’s adjusted to not OS you from half the screen away and not the other way around… :haha:

“Moringponia equipment does not appear from the Wonderous Cube”

So where do you get these from now?

“Gemstone Feud is changed to the following: Natural Recovery removed, and HP recovery is unable”

Basically you cannot regain HP in feud. This gives high HP classes a HUGE advantage.

" [Chronomancer] Stop: Boss Monster control property is changed not to be applied in Field boss, Legend Raid Boss, Boruta"

RIP :haha:

" Goddesses’ Blessed Gem will be deleted from the Mercenary Badge Shop during scheduled Maintenance next week."

Game over. Next.
Sorry but this change will probably make 99% of the players quit, since they will never be able to transcend anything again, let alone use BG for other stuff like… everything else in the game which now require BG.

" [Kedora Merchant Alliance’s Mysterious Cube] item will be given based on win or loss, 2 for win, 1 for lose. Will be given separately with Mercenary Badges."

Is the “infinite” round bug fixed yet? Otherwise this change is fine, this spares 450x6-12 mercenary badges per day.

" Icon of debuffs applied to monsters can be moved by mouse-click"

When playing Sorceror it’s already impossible to click on anything that is on the left half of the screen due to mouse always been hooked by the party/summon list, which you have to move to the right corner to be able to play and which RESETS EACH TIME YOU MOVE TO ANOTHER AREA!!!
I can’t imagine clicking on the screen and every time catching a stupid monster debuff instead…

" UI is updated"

Nice changes, but the ID UI is still painful to use. Everywhere else you can see items with grade/trans level, while the ID UI still shows them as regular items and you have to click on each one separately to see their stats to be sure you’re IDing the right one…

“The item acquisition message will no longer appear”

Thanks for not showing “foo getting a masinio fragment” each time anymore… that was starting to get tiresome (to remain polite).

" Earth Tower Protection mission cooldown is decreased to 30 seconds"

Time to get those Solmiki skins!

" Heal: Treat Urgent Target"

ABOUT TIME! This will make life of a healer so much easier…

" Corrida Finale"

Now I wonder if the previous skill factor was not simply a bug with the comma… New one feels much more like it, and the bull can now make a nice return.

“Fixed the issue that the debuff activated when HP of Morinponia is under 40% is only applied to melee attack characters”

Oh really? I’m sure I got some wizards and archers being wiped by that cloud before… :haha:
The thing to fix would be more the cloud not being displayed on screen while it should. It’s a pain to come close and being wiped by an invisible effect…

“Fixed the issue that character sinks underground when using [Cryomancer] Snow Rolling in certain situations.”

Haha this was fun. But sure, having that fixed is fine.

“Fixed the issue that Boss does not move when the character targeted by the field boss suddenly disappears in certain situations”

Yeah this was reported in a video. Made Witch Raid a joke…

“Fixed the issue that items equipped by companions are not removed when entering Gemstone Feud Uniform Mode.
: The equipment of the companion will be returned to the inventory and the companions can wear equipment of the Equipment Rental Shop.”

Wow I didn’t know that! So you need to equip your pet too, lol.

“Fixed the issue that Grim Reaper appears in Remnants of Bernice Dungeon”

I would love to see the code to see how such mistake could have been made lol…

“- Fixed the issue that”

What’s the difference between a pigeon?

“Fixed the issue that Challenge Portal disappears after a certain time when the character does not exist in the channel where the portal is created”

Oh so that was actually a bug… Yeah I’ve seen many times the portal disappear after leaving a map when my char was alone on the channel. Good thing this is now fixed.

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A quest in Valandis Room 91.

Ah nice. Next time I’ll do this quest with an alt I’ll check what this DL looks like.

Summons of Necromancer, Bokor, Sorcerer are adjusted by the damage increase effect of the owner for a certain percentage.

  • Similar to the Summoning, other Sommons adds Accracy, Critical Rate, Block Penetration, Property and Attack proportionally to the Character’s each stats and SPR
  • [Property and target Attack rate] transfers by maximum 100% proportion to the owner’s SPR. (Ex. Transfers up to maximum 300, when the Attack against Medium-type Target of owner is 300.

Would anyone know if those changes affect Diev? IMC sometimes adds changes to Diev without saying it is to Dievs… Hail to the mighty Owl damage dealers.

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To be honest, Corrida Finale will still be terrible, just less so. It’s 1395*6 (with attribute) base SFR with a 30s cooldown at max level. Good for mobbing due to the large range and pull, useless everywhere else due to the low damage. And if you use it for mobbing you may as well just put a single point.

Poison Pot

  • Poison is filled in by right-clicking [Venom].



Carve Owl

  • Summon Skill Factor > Carve Owl Skill Factor

Isn’t this counterproductive to make it harder to realize that one needs SPR for these Owls?


  • Swift effect will be based on Double Punch when activating Ark - Swift effect in [Monk] Double Punch stance.
    - Fixed the issue that
  • Fixed the issue that ‘directed continuous hits’ not having the ‘actual continuous hits’ efficiency due to [Highlander] Cross Guard debuff.

OFC! YES! THAT! NICE! Finally THAT is fixed!


Carve Owl

  • Summon Skill Factor > Carve Owl Skill Factor

Isn’t this counterproductive to make it harder to realize that one needs SPR for these Owls?

That wasn’t there when I posted my question…


Does this mean:
“Only Token users will benefit from equip/unequip of Ichors”
“Token users will have a special benefit on doing this, like no silver paid”

Because if it is the first, WTF?!?!?!

I don’t know if the intern doesn’t know how to write or if IMC hates us, I just know that I didn’t understand it

what time will be the maintenance finish in SEA? we’re like GMT+7 here

It’s gonna be around 4pm GMT+7

some pretty nice changes but also bugs

  • need to unequip weapons to buff them at squire, very annoying
  • cant click on ppl at party window, cant change party leader because of that (?)

more maybe

please fix soon

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As expected, mouse mode is now completely broken. Each time you click on screen to move your character, you grab a piece of the UI instead. Unless they make an option to fix those bits, playing is out of the question for me. I could switch to keyboard, but I don’t have three hands to play.

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People having “Physical attack: 1-1” when playing with one handed spear. And it’s not a visual bug in F1 window…

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