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Scheduled Maintenance for February 16, 2021

Where is my reset NPC gone anyway??
It was disappeared before this patch too.
Any compensation??

Please fix this server error problem ASAP.
If I’m not wrong it was occurred last time in the middle of 2020.
It was already been fixed…
Why it occurred again??

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it’s hard to stay optimistic after 2 weeks.
why don’t you close the game until you solve the problem? :slight_smile:


Scheduled maintenance to just remove Maru. And I’m sure they will manage to botch it. Meanwhile we still can’t play properly. This is a joke…


On-going event…‘Quiz of Savior’
Greatest event idea with low manpower resource needed


Pls, Riot Gomes


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I don’t even play the game and i’m sure i’m being ignored, but please, for your own sake, inform the bugs on your patch notes. Here’s an example, it ain’t hard.


fix the chat problem and the automatch for the love of laimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ow wowww extended for 2 hours…fixing what? Next thing like before TBA?? Just…amazing

Why everyweek extend the maintenance time? almost every week… @GM_Francis can give us a good answer? is not fair for the sea server player… and our server is like shi t server

honestly i dont even give a damn if they need a week shutdown even from first ep13 patch but just make sure they fix the goddam game

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extend maintenance, but still can’t fix chat error.

not only did u not fix the chat error, it has become worse LOL. what a joke.

So there is still no chat no queue? Them why extended mainteniamance why doing a maintenimance if there r 0 changes. Well is time to look for other games tree ofsavior is done thx for killing it imc its all ur fault

Its getting worse.
Even login is RNG now.

Chat and Automatch are still crashing

3 weeks no chat no queue ok i understand the game is done. OK IMC GOOD BYE
@GM_Francis @Staff_Brand @STAFF_Yuri @Staff_Alex @STAFF_William @Staff_Jin @STAFF_Bob thx for not been real and do nothing for 5 years


day 1: You wont fix? ok ill quit
day 3: Still no fix? let me sell all my items and quit
week 1: still bugged, cant play. Im done. cya on other games
week 2: game is trash. GG im done done. 2016-2021 BYE!
week 3: 3 weeks no chat no queue ok i understand the game is done. OK IMC GOOD BYE
btw, it seems the situation is improving now. Not fixed but improving. I’ve done all my weekly auto matches and 2-3 times chat/queue bug only.

Situation is not improving, the maintenance just rebooted the servers. If there is a connection leak somewhere in the code, the problem will reappear soon.

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No its not improving. Chat and q doesn’t work right now in Telsiai