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Chat error 0, chat server is not working

Are we a joke to you kim?


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yes, please buy more leticia cube

Maybe they aren’t realizing that even the few playerbase left will go away if they keep not fixing this bug.

3 weeks and still counting

Silute server. Chat and automatch still doesn’t work…



image ■■■■ U IMC

IMC: Let’s extend the maintenance so it looks like we’re fixing something!

IMC: we offer leticia, you can buy for tp hehe

@GM_Francis @GM_Francis @GM_Francis

Extended maintenimance to add on the post that leticia is still up and players should buy on a unplayable game the stuff they sell

after 2 hour extended maintainance and now chat is gone for good

The chat issue seems even worse than usual in Fedimian. It took 30 minutes of tries to properly queue a challenge.
You’re killing the game at this rate.

is already dead. Good luck on this crap u have at least another 2 weeks if there will be a fix any time i doubt

hey it is fixed in telsial

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@Staff_Brand one posting the updates and @GM_Francis only one ‘active’ on forums. Hope for a reply from them or magically one day IMC fix it on accident.

EDIT: Does seem to be working for now. They should’ve made a post about it

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It seems to properly work in Fedimian too now. Maybe let’s see if we get an announcement of some sort about the issue?