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Scheduled Maintenance for February 12, 2019


The Territory Wars are officially opening! Click here for the full patch notes.

  • Carve Attack
  • Attacking Plant-type monsters with the Dievdirbys’ Carve Attack will now correctly drop carving materials as intended.
  • Event Shop UI
  • Corrected long Event Shop text to avoid overlapping with the rest of the UI.

And that’s all? That’s all bugs you will fix?
It’s beyond the beyond :smiley:

EXP Tome Pricing

  • Selling prices for X4 and X8 EXP Tomes (selling to shop NPCs) changed to 50 Silver.

I guess it’s the only, the only and the most important problem we had - not being able to sell TP EXP tomes to NPC. Thank you so much for fixing it ahead of anything


And what about the ‘Power of The Goddess’ event? 3 weeks and no communication at all!



time to sell my exp tome for 50silba value
top kek :haha:


where is the PD’s nerf, Boruta changes, cryo nerf, etc, etc? Comm on IMC, we dont need more events.




“Guilds can participate in GTW every Monday from 20:00 to 21:00”

Sounds fun. Those who don’t want to participate will have one free hour at Boruta. :sunglasses:

They were on holidays, man. :haha:
Now I’ll be able to flood them with support ticket, it’s about time they start working on fixing bugs again.

  • beheaded characters
  • popo icons not displayed properly in chat
  • monster skill tooltips memory leak
  • channel crashes


Clicking ‘Click here to find out how you can participate!’ on GTW support items event brings you to ‘Playing Cupid’ event.

As expected to IMC’s QC team.


Magnum Opus fix? I want my homu…


No Templar and Scout buffs?
No changes to Boruta?
No action regarding the whole Bokor & Baubas Cave fiasco?
No fixes to the Crashstone Feud?
Nothing concerning the Power of the Goddess event?
lmao GTW back without the optimization patch. The returning players will love the VGA crashes, desynchs, lag and the channels closing all the time.
Aaand, on top of everything, we’ll have the zerg guilds taxing our transactions in the Market:

You guys spent 2 weeks letting iTOS at its mercy and what do we have with this update? Yay, we can sell our EXP tomes to the NPC and get a Legendary Card selection box from the Leticia Cashgrab cube now!

The result is simple: all the effort in turning Re:Build into reality is becoming a waste of time.

It all returns to nothing~
It just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down~


anyone notice wiz class arms look weird when running? ‘w’;;;

tried it in all my wiz characters with exposed arms, and they all looked thin and lanky Owo;;;



I just have purchased supplies for a year :stuck_out_tongue:


No Monk Buffs = Nothing’s changed

Sad Re:Build :tired:


The only thing everyone should really care about - grind weekend event. It should have been the only reason to actively play for all these weeks.


What about Giltine Costumes not exchangeable for Medals? c: :+1:




Not a bug, it is intended as they don’t want anyone making homunculus before they figure out how to make the poor thing not sucks hard :pensive: