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Scheduled Maintenance for December 15, 2020

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for December 15, 2020’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Let me see if I am reading this correctly.
The costumes will be gone forever, but the +15 all stats will remain?
Like, really?

If, at the very least, they return later, as in a cycle, I would be fine with it.
Edit: realized they mentioned about [Season Off Content Shop].


Just to add:
kTOS had 1 month per collection. We had 1 month for 2 collections.
And there is also the weekly cap of 5k content points per week. And all the other stuff updated on the content shop.
And who is the newbie with 600 mystic tomes on their storage to buy all the costumes in a single month?
Isn’t this supposed to be a “All saviors” event?


“Get the Goddess Blessed Gem Fortune Box and all the costumes of the event will be yours!”.

I don’t mind that much about the monetization system, but, if only whales can participate on some event, let it be a TP Box, as usual, and not a bait for newbies to lose a ton of resources for an impossible +30 all stats.
Be smarter on your events, IMC, because it is NOT getting better.


Yeah, but they aren’t mentioning anything about the “increased costs”.
As if being behind of several collections isn’t bad enough, you’ll have to spend more or you’ll be left behind even further…

I mean, if I’ll ever reach my 63000 content points, I’ll just go for the currently active collection that’s cheap just to get the Stats+15. Until I’ve 63000 content points ever again, there will be a new collection for sure already, so there won’t be the need to ever get the more expensive ones (except you want the costume itself).

Let me get this clear:

  • collection: 3000 points
  • costume: 10000 points
  • 6 costumes per collection (3000 + 10000 * 6 = 63000 points)
  • 5000 points per week (63000 / 5000 = 12.6 weeks)

Someone can tell me HOW THE **** ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO THIS IN A ******* MONTH???
Currently I have one collection and ONE costume in it (yeah 5000 points is like 160+ CM7, or doing both feuds + 3 TBL matches each day)…

“Costume can be obtained by right-clicking the costume registered in the Collection (Once per character), and the costumes can be moved to the Team Storage”

Basically I can cut my losses and give that costume to a character, that’s it. 13000 content points thrown in the toilet when I could have gotten – I dunno – cat lenses for my chars.

“Collections and Vouchers that have passed the regular sales schedule will be resold for a certain period of time at the [Season Off Content Point Store], which will be added later. (The cost will be increased.)”

Of course. The cost was already absurd, surely putting those costumes for 20000 points = half a year of playing regularly will make things better…

You know what… **** this. I’m not gonna tire myself doing content I don’t like and don’t have time to do for a meagre +15 to all stats.

There’s a little problem with this… as far as I know, when the content shop resets, the content points also reset. Otherwise yes, that’s the best thing to do – keep all the points and get the current active collection when you have 63000 of them.

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you do it by selling low price stuffs to the npc, being tome oages practonium or whatnot.
i did it like that and completed the second collection today.

thats like almost 100m for each collection

Is the new price DOUBLE the current one confirmed?
Someone on KTOS can confirm this?

Do content points really get reset? That would be horrible. It says nowhere in the patch notes…

Ktos had a lot more time to finish these collections…

Google Translated from the ktos event page: “However , in the [ Season Off Contents Integrated Store ] , it is sold at a 20% higher price compared to the previous one . ( Collection 3,600 points , Costume 12,000 points )”

Thanks, 20% increase is not so bad. I can do this at my pace without worrying so much.
Unless they add new collections every month D:

Do you still play on iTos thinking that IMC thinks about Free player?

Wake up Alice, IMC does things for those who spend money, several events currently being concluded in pure PAY TO WIN … and there are still idiots who think the game is not becoming Pay to win …

Remember that the two collections give you 30 stats!

I stopped playing Ragnarok Online because it has come to a state where you can’t play the game without paying a lot for basic things, like leveling up after level 120+. When japanese and similar gears entered bRO (Brazilian Ragnarok Online) it got so much worse that I was forced to stop playing. There was no way to keep playing. I could do nothing for free.
I see ToS is slowly following the same way. Vaivoras, dungeons you have limited entrances - but you can get more via money, OP ichors, silver limitation for players - and monsters do not drop silver anymore etc …
I don’t understand accounting or money balance, but I believe that in order to keep people buying things and putting money into the game we wouldn’t need to get to that point. It is discouraging the few players it has and forcing new players to stop in advance.

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Hello savior,
The error of the date has been corrected to February 9, 2021.
Sorry for the confusion.

Hello savior,
The error of the date has been corrected to February 9, 2021.
Sorry for the confusion, and please check the updated event page.

it depends on servers tho.
also my luck is ■■■■ on goddess grace roulette so i was drowing in pages.

Ah good. I just thought item sales would be accounted in the 5k weekly limit. This of course makes things easier, although I must keep those for improving my chars at the moment.

Pages are almost a million a piece on Fedi market. That would be 600 mil per collection, unless you can find practos for cheaper.

Thanks for the info, it’s no that bad then.

“Hello savior,
The error of the date has been corrected to February 9, 2021.
Sorry for the confusion, and please check the updated event page.”

That’s much more like it! Thanks for the correction.

Maybe next time tell that a bit earlier.
People scrambled any resource to end those collections since we didn’t have any knowledge of when they would be back…