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Savinose Dysnai -- am I missing something?

tbh if you are just some f2p just dont play the game if you are lazy
im f2p and i just spend myself 300m worth silver for complete glacia legenda cloth and i dont even bother rethink about it cause i made like 700m mostly from selling drops i got from glacia,ds5,dcp.
selling hot sfuffs is good money makers since many players still need new stuff.
even my lowest profit per week if i lazy is like 200m. sounds like bragging but i know those whales, rmt, or botters even made more than i do.

why dont you just play genshin impact tbh, enjoy how easy the intro, and at some point you will face the same wall where lazy f2p players cant fit in.its in every game btw.

or just take a a year or the time you get back, hopefully the game still exist and obviously with savinose dysnai to spoonfeed.


I’m more into the new set effects ( balinta ) more than the armor itself that gives the 100% damage attack.

Already crafted 5 pieces … armor set (all has set effect balinta) + 1 trinket ( waiting for my +40 pamoka from popo points )

all of them are +5 enh/trans since its cheaper that way haha ( I dont really have an issue with blessed gems cuz its easy to farm in goddess grace event … same as the magic stone )

Now I’m thinking whether to get savi dys weapon or the upper tier one … I check the numbers for trans 10 and its a whopping 227 BG’s ahaha * this is savi dys staff ) gg … will there be an event for free trans 10 scrolls again XDDD

Weapon = 227 BG (Omg!!! So pricey haha no wonder trans 10 is 200+m each in market)
Trinket = 91 BG ( I can do this! )

Upon checking Glacia Legend is the same …

the weapon stat wise are the same
the only difference is glacia legenda weapon can use random ichor which means more flexible.
most ppl now use combination of glacia weapon for ichor flexibility+savi dysnai trinket cause its cheaper

cheaper = true XDD i’ll just buy +11 full pot glacia staff in market … i sux at enh stuff zzz

this meme i made can sum up what you actually babbling about

you are here too early to ask for spoonfeed
back again in 1-2 year or maybe dont come back at all
because if new gears enough to make you complain this far i dont know how will you face even greater wall like arch stone, karaliene accesories set, goddess set,lv 3+ seal and so on
rather than getting terrified by small stages that you think is painful already, better not even bother to start the journey

do u have advice what to farm with varna-meta gears? i cant find something that worth selling from early contents atm.

Spam DSCM or regular CMs and sell the new frag materials.

early content drops/mats are out of date.only some skill gem that ppl still looking for could be nice. but still not worth the time compare to storming to 440 and do the latest content

how to jump there tho? xd especially complete new players…

this is getting oot but to make it short options are tp pack to reach 430, leveling guide, 3.join friendly guild. gl


I thought Savinose Dysnai will be the free Ep 12 Reward?

are u referring to my post? it is a sarcasm joke.

Btw @draconis, dont forget what do you want by playing game? To have some fun! You are the master of your own soul, you decide what game you play, dont get addicted to 1 game. If a game is beginning to make you more depressed, then try another game, for example genshin impact

-Less lagging
-Smoother animation
-Better visual
-No flexer in world shout
-Ultra beautiful open world where you will visit every corner of the map more than once
-No RNG transcend
-No RNG anvil, always 100% success
-No bot

-We wont spoonfeed you the cons here, you must discover it yourself


Usually when I’m tired of ToS I simply go and play some Age of Empires 2. But yesterday I downloaded Genshin Impact just for the lolz and played like one hour. Seems fun, but I wouldn’t invest too many hours (or money) past the initial story.

The biggest problem I’ve seen is that you can’t customize controls. Playing with w-a-s-d is out of question for me, it doesn’t feel natural at all. And the other big problem is that your character is fixed, you have zero customization except for your name, and looking at character ranking it suxx compared to other ones. I’m sorry, but your character should be the most powerful one even if it takes a lot ability/equipment improvement. At least in ToS you can choose your profession and start multiple characters to test them. Here you have no choice…

Congrats, you fall into the same newbie trap! Character ranking is just a popularity rank. The gacha elements aren’t necessarily a deal-breaker because it’s designed to be beatable by the free default characters that you obtain. Play smarter, not harder

This game already generous enough for F2P player

It’s posts like this that bring to light why this game has such a tiny population. Whenever criticism is levied about the myriad of layers of rng, grind, and bullshit, the masochistic hardcore crowd that’s used to being whipped comes out of the woodwork to berate everyone. “Don’t like it, don’t play it” is a fantastic way to dwindle your playerbase. No one’s asking to be spoonfed…they’re commenting on the ridiculous amount of grind involved in the process. It’s nice and all that you think this game’s progression systems are fair and balanced, but I think the player count itself speaks for how that’s not true. The deeper one gets into endgame, the more numerous the amount of rng grindy bullshit gets revealed, and it’s a major turn off when the only clear path forward involves literal years of effort.


what do you expect?
he is just lazy to craft/progressing and rather than do the hardwork he rather come here do some funny calculation and conclude we need 4 years to complete new gears set lol

and even nobody mention spoonfeed, this thread sounds like another complain to requesting for one.
he simply complain that the current situation is too much, he want it to be easier, more affordable with his own standard amount of effort, with less grinding, and what can that be if not wanting for spoonfeed at the very best?
and its hot new item we are talking so should i just be like yeah, you will get that “soon”?

you think game publisher will just give huge discount when its latest game released?
you need to wait 3-6 months until the price drop.

do you know how long it take til they make savinose legva become freebie?
it took almost a year

and do you think imc will just giveaway savinose dysnai as freebie asap just because complain from someone lazy like this? and betray all players who doing hardwork to crafting one?

so in the end whats the best solution for him if he insist dont want to do the hardwork(or pay the game)?
wait until everything cheaper or wait for spoonfeed.
and waiting means take a hiatus, or maybe even leave for a better game cause why not.

also even though criticism is somewhat synonim to complaint, this is really nothing but a mere complaint. a complete whine.nothing constructive about it.
if theres noone in your server achieve set of savi dysnai/glacia legenda i will defend this complain.
but the truth says otherwise.

most mmorpg pve endgame are rng bullsh*t cause they want to keep players in a loop. its not like tos the first mmo where i face this truth. if this is your first, then i can understand.



Lazy, no. Some people are not nolifers that can play a game all day eating pizza in front of their computer but just got one hour or two per day that has to be split into dailies, weeklies, farming, speaking with friends, helping others in game and much more. You find the calculation funny? It’s just bare fact: people that are not carried by their zerg guild will take forever to craft a set, if they find a party to even start the grind. Of course you can farm silver like a blind mule and buy everything, but where’s the fun in that?

Totally irelevant to the post. I don’t care about freebies, just saying that the amount of mats required is out of scale. How are you supposed to get 160 magic stones for each character you want to equip with legend 430, when this is suposed to be the CASUAL version of the level 430 stuff? Level 400 savinose only required Planium that you could get by simply farming episode 11 maps and it was fine at the date of release…

I wonder where’s the hard work… All I say is that regular players would take forever to craft a set unless you take shortcuts.

Yeah sure let me cry…
All I see from these replies is that some people that are probably spoonfed everything by a zerg guild or real money consider that being able to buy everything cheap because they’ve pretty much endless funds or access to their guild storage and get carried in every endgame content is the norm on a server that has more than 50-100 people playing daily. It’s not.

Taking a hiatus? No reason too, there’s still more stuff to do in the game. Playing with friends, enjoying new builds. This is more fun and helps while you’re slowly building your endgame set…


too funny to ignore though.

dont do it quick, you need to satisfy your partner as well lol.
your 4 years of magical calculation, i just done it yesterday so it should be less than a month.
you know i just use winrar.ez

-hard-wok and de-d*ck-action

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Repel — their last post was 5 months ago”

Good to see I took you out of your 5-month hibernation hiatus for a good laugh… :haha:

That’s probably why the devs decided to make it that way… Didn’t think of it, but it makes sense now. :haha:

so what if i dont post in forum for eons but still in game?
is it not acceptable?
in fact ktos gen thread is the only post worth the time to read
and suddenly my guildmate shared this one hilarious post in discord and it turn out to be hilarious joke

in other hand theres ton of zombies in this forum who even left the game but still visiting this forum, hoping imc update will fulfill their dream

nevermind it. keep complaining. you might hit the jackpot if we get low and low playerbase cause spoonfeed will be their ultimate weapon to keep player like you in game instead of complaining here