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Savinose Dysnai -- am I missing something?

This is supposed to replace the Savinose Legva for casual players who aren’t powerful enough to take on the Legend Glacia raid. But I don’t get it…

  • one weapon requires 16 brykinites + 40 magic stones
  • one armor piece requires 8 brykinites + 20 magic stones

So a full set will require 64 brykinites + 160 magic stones. For the stones it’s possible to get them from weekly content (free boss, WBR) or Medeina lottery, but 160 is still a huge number. But I guess it’s not the main problem…

So yeah about those 64 brykinites… As I see it, there’s only one way to get them, it’s CM Singularity mode. Level 1 will give you one fragment, and you can increase the amount you can get by doing it at a higher level. Up to now, I’ve only tried up to level 5 with quite geared parties and we got splattered at level 5, while doing fine at level 3. I imagine being a casual player and not being able to find a carry party and being stuck at doing level 1 mode. That’s one fragment per day… and you need 20 fragments to make a full brykinite. The math is very quick then: 20*64=1280 days of farming Singularity daily, that’s close to 4 years. Yeah, this will definitely not work…

So what’s the deal? Try to learn the legend glacia gimmicks and find a party to do easy mode? Each Glacia Legenda only requires 2 brykinites so that’s 4-8 times less fragments to farm and I’m sure you’d get the glacia hearts in the meantime.

Now imagine you have 10+ alts and you need to gear them up for a future episode 13…


episode 12 reward: +11 T10 savinose dysnai set

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Where did IMC say that?

Peopl will ignore this post, because brik frag is 80k in Telsiai.

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who told you to get it yourself
get rich somewhere else and just buy it from market
first time i rejoin the game planium worth 5m, same thing will happen to briknyte(not the frag) later
if you are just some casual, lazy players,with less than 100m income a week just wait and be patience as new stuffs still hot
only if you are some hotshot whale you can expect to geared up in less than a month or even a week

you reminded me last year event which give planium by using exchange medals.

The issue is that you can’t really farm for it.
For planiums, you could just go in fields and hope for some drops if you were out of challenges. These ones…it’s either challenges (with a low chance of fragments), division singularities or being lucky with the goddess’ grace. So either limited chances or limited amounts per day for the formers or a very low chance with added costs for even trying for the latter.
And then there are the magic stones - and those are even more limited. Good if you had large stockpiles from several months of weekly bosses and unused magic stones from past contents…but making all those amounts from zero now would be crazy, even if singularity does drop them every now and then, assuming they can find a party for those to begin with.

So i would guess it’s either about taking it very slowly or farm silvers and buy the briknite/magic stones …except they’re removing the silver farm as well, so there isn’t really much to do about it.

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I frankly doubt about this… It will be +11 t10 varna, or maybe +16.

For giggles I just checked the price in Fedimian’s market: the cheapest is 700k for a fragment and 7 mil for a full piece (with most of them around 10 mil).

Yes that’s an option. I’m pretty sure the price will drop when people start to accumulate them, but that won’t be for a long time if it takes 4 years to get a set… Those in market are probably from people who don’t care about legend 430, because otherwise I don’t get it…

The problem is… I’ve never seen any drop from regular CM and I don’t think I’ve read they can drop from regular CM. And last time I checked, the Medeina roulette has only boxes at tier 1 and 2 (the “spend 800 mil” and “spend 40 mil” tiers – although the 800 mil package gives the full 64 amount, it’s still 1/3 chance to get it meaning spending on average over 2 bil silver to get it, and the 40 mil package only has 5 with 1/4 chance to get it, meaning an average 160 mil silver for a meagre 5 pieces – totally not worth it), which means you’re better buying from market. However, there is this:

  • Division Singularity Multiply Token can be crafted by Division Singularity Multiply Token Recipe which can be purchased via [Sage Envoy] NPC in West Jungers Road.
  • 3 of [Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher without time limit] is needed to craft Division Singulariry Multiply Token, recipe will be removed when crafting.

The key word here is “without time limit”. All CM vouchers are expirable unless you get them from gacha. Basically P2W people will get double rewards…

I checked my storage to see how many I have left: 60. That’s still far away from the 160 required to craft a set… You can get some from the lottery, but it’s on tier 3, which means “spend 2 mil to have 1/4 chance of getting one”. I’ll have to check the price of those in market, but I’m pretty sure it’s not 8 mil.

It drops but in a very low rate (not sure the exact %) - i’ve been spamming cm since the update and i only get 1 fragment as of now…FRAGMENT only :smiley:

You can get cm resets without time limit on Merc Badge shop…5 per day limit

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Good to know!
Clearly it’s worse than Planium on episode 11 maps, so yeah I’m not expecting getting many with regular CM…

Totally forgot about those, I was under the impression they were timed too. And this will be a good way to spend those badges that I start to accumulate daily without having much to spend them on (at least you can get more than 1 million now!). Now to find Singularity parties that won’t try to go for stage 5+ and only ask for the most geared players on the server…

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just lol
i didnt really read your post but when i read again i genuinely laugh, especially the math
i just got lucky getting extra silver by selling frag from misrus and debris from DS, i could sell it and get the full set of armors+trinket in first week if i want to

your calculation is ridiculous,sounds like a joke
its only effective to calculate such how long you can create luciferi (if you got the karaline already) cause the mats untradable, not for these tradable mats sh*t that will get old sometime soon
DS entry is craftable, then theres multis,alts runs
each day you can spend 5k mb+buy 1 cm reset from market to get 2 runs a day
you can even used the money to get another reset and do another run til you hit jackpot drop
even 1 good vv can get you the whole set ofsavinose dysnai or even glacia
4 years…rofl
those whale who get full set of glacia legenda first week simply think this is nothin but a mere joke
a request so imc spoonfeed savinose dysnai asap

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I still find the materials needed for this set ridiculous. This is a farm set…but almost everybody will have Glacia first maybe won’t even make this one…

I think the mats required especially the magic stones should be like…halved at least…

…but maybe I’m looking at it from the wrong direction and Glacia set should be your first anyway… It just feels a bit twisted for me that I can get the farmer set later…

A lot of drops and stuff are not designed for our small server… :confused: It’s a fedimian problem imo…

I have 17 frags mostly from cm because I did a lot lately. It’s still worse because it is not a full but it comes slowly for me. I guess you also need some looting chance btw.

I don’t know on other servers but no way on Fedimian…XD Not even close. Just the price of all magic stones almost as much as the best vaivoras…

Also I’m not always doing 10 cms everyday ( I went 20+ yesterday but thats rare XD )… but I still did a lot and still no VV for me… also no archstone or fragment for me yet…

It would be nicer if ppl wouldn’t act like they defend this gambling bullshit what is obviously horrible…just because they got lucky (or a whale)…
We would need a much more reliable source of materials and stuff… because this gambling ■■■■ just makes a totally unfair enviroment imo…

yeah @draconis, you are missing something.

see? legenda still cost more to make than savinose dysnai

Cheapest full brik is 6.7m in Fedimian atm… but yeah I guess it’s unfortunately still a Fedimian problem… Most likely slowly the price will go down for us too if there will be enough supply but much more slower…

I guess it would have been better if they not use the same material…or just have lower requirement. I actually more concerned about magic stones… Glacia don’t use that much briks…but same amount of magic stones for both.

Just curious how much is magic stone on your server?
Kinda want cross-server market now… XD

magic stone 1.4m at telsiai

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Not much difference on that one then :smiley:

Does it really double you damage say … you attack is around 17k … if you wear the full dysnai leather set then your attack would be 24k

its damage not p/m attack. its different.

uhh so … like it takes factor the def of the enemies and other stuff … so when im doing say … 20k on skill without the armor set then when its on it would double? O.O im bad at this …

I’m considering making the complete set … either the attack one or the healing one XDD

Noticed also the plate thing has the exact same description as leather ingame …

Anothing this to consider is even if your character is still using Savinose Legva, all you gain from new tier is 10-15% extra attack. And I imagine the Legva comes from an event that made it +11 t10. Now to gain a single Dysnai weapon you need not only the base mats (even if you buy them), but then you need to be able to re-enchant it to +11 or better, which is by no means guaranteed. I’d be seriously pissed to spend 100+ millions on such item to end up +4 0 pot and having either to wait for GA event and chance to even waste them or to re-spend the same amount to have equally chance to get nothing. And if that wasn’t enough, you need to re-transcend it, meaning getting 200 more BG that you probably don’t have and need to buy at a now inflated price. Not mentioning if you want to go for a full set, you probably have some irreplaceable gems socketed in your armor (like a Meteor gem for your Elementalist)…