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Sauk vs Balinta, which one is better for PVE?

Sauk vs Balinta, which one is better for PVE?
What is their pro and con?
i realized tantalizer assister give 500 HP recovery

What class / build ?

And Balinta will be changed to

+140 STR, INT
+80 CON
+580 physical and magic attack

new effect: Valinta
Passive-Self-buff (duration infinite):
+50% damage (infinite)
Strike, pierce, slash attacks: self-heal for 0.2HP-recovery (2s cooldown)
Other attacks: self-heal for 0.1
HP-recovery (2s cooldown)

Seal+3 , Damage bonus becomes +75%


eeh? i read ludo’s too, i thought he mistype sauk and balinta because his sauk got critatk and balinta got p/matk, 180°of what itos have

Balinta new effect is a nerf?

is a buff if it is correct, because it become passive buff +75% dmg, similar with ataka

This doesnt have a circle range right? its more like smugis without time limit XDD I was hoping to get the 250% ( with boruta seal +3 ) burst for 30 secs though … from the old balinta we got now …

i prefer new balinta, passive skill= no CD = less buff icon to worry about

Balinta… that is beautiful. Perma (lowest state) Smugis + healing and extra STR and CON. I want that

the earliest discussion regarding new balinta dated back at september 12th

but i failed to found the related patch note at ktos thread


I like Sauk, fits more into my rotation
no point to have perma damage bonus 75% when there’s downtime
Rather have my important skills do 150% damage