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Salutations! So who likes to cosplay?

Just wanted to drop in quickly and say hello! I look forward to Learning more about TOS, getting a chance to play with you all, and work out what awesome cosplay I would like to build from the game!

If anyone would like to kick around some fun cosplay ideas from this game or others, share tips and tricks, or see some of my work please let me know and I would be happy to share.


Take one for the team.

Edit: Actually, on second thought, she has too much clothing. Sorry for wasting your time.

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I’d love to see some boobs from goddess cosplay.
For the classes, I am interested in seeing Cataphract, Chronomancer, Scwharzer Reiter, Paladin cosplay. Those 4 are my favourite costumes from each class branch.

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You could be this Angry Orchard-looking fellow. But, I am not sure how you would incorporate luscious baps into that design.


Beta > Open Beta > Game becomes famous > Cosplayers go go go

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I really like that character, it would be a ton of fun to cosplay, hot as hell, but still a ton of fun.

Indeed, I like to be ahead of the curve a bit and get started on the big stuff and armor if I find that I really enjoy a game.

Boss Level


Nothing wrong with sexy cosplay, but I like my cosplays be it male of female with sexy armor, helmets, and kick ass weapons if possible.

LOL, that is pretty damn awesome!

Well then go ahead! I can’t wait to see some epic cosplays made by you!

Just a few examples of what I’ve currently done, and what I currently like to build.


These looks pretty cool! Keep up the good work >u<

ToS will definitely spawn some really cute cosplays! I’m excited ^^

Holy sh- my bro, that is one god level cosplay you’ve shown there. Keep up the good work! Even tho I am not keen of Cosplays, I am know for sure that you are better suited in heavy armor kind of costume. +1 on doing Paladin costume!

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Thank you for the kind words!

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Thanks a ton for the kind words. I think with a few changes and if I create a new weapon and shield, this older cosplay will work very well for a Paladin build.


Holy hell! You are incredibly skilled! All that material must have cost you a ton!

I’m also a cosplayer - if one can say that. But damn. You are amazing.