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Saint Sacellum failure 20 min cooldown?

Why does this exist? We failed and all died in Saint Sacellum, we can’t enter for 20 mins. Why?

I can only assume because the instance is still active. Probably can try remake the party. If that doesn’t clear, #sasugaimc

We also encountered this … we tried to re party still have the debuff …

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Update, the recharge limit is still there even if you succeed, the entry limit isn’t there though.


Hello savior.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The issue will be fixed next week during the scheduled maintenance.
The details will be posted on our patch note.

Thank you.

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For the debuff to not remain, everyone must die in the raid before trying again.

There’s two bugs right now.

1.) We ALL died and we got the “no entry” and “res sacrae” debuff

2.) We succeeded and got the “res sacrae” debuff.