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Saint Oath unfair stacking on cleric

So I just wanted to give a quick feedback about stacking the Saint Oath armor ichors buff.

I would say it’s quite unfair. The skill Divine Stigma of Krivis easily applies it without any effort and keeps it on for full uptime. As I heard maybe PD can do the same.

Zealot has 0 skills that can apply it. Druid…is similar (idk if seed bomb can now) For example I really don’t understand what’s the difference between Thorn and Divine Stigma mechanically that lets you apply it with Stigma and not with Thorn. How is Stigma not a continuous damage debuff? Why is Emphatic Trust is considered as continous?

Smite+Aspergillum applies it. I’m well aware of that but if you rly know chaplain you will understand that it is a damage loss while you are applying it. After that keeping up with just 1-1 smite can work but not every time. Just try this amazing weekly boss Asio mage…you will more likely lose the stacks and you can then start it from scratch if you even realised it in time… while what does Krivis do? Nothing really… just pushes a button that he would anyway.

Also as I mentioned in another topic don’t forget that krivis is meta anyway… It’s just so unfair that classes that are not meta atm have to struggle even more on little things like this.

I don’t want to take away the stigma stacking from Krivis tho. I want other classes to be able to stack it too more easily.


I guess there are a lot of different options.

-erase those ridiculous restrictions about magic circles and continous damage ( I think this one is what would be needed tbh… )
-reducing the stacks needed can help
-make the buff even longer
-make Smite give more stacks or something

Idk btw how it is on other type of AA classes on other trees and how much it affects them but it’s not good on Cleric imo.


just AA+smite+AA+smite+AA and then after 19s you use Smite to refresh it, if you start stacking with smite you gonna have a hard time

and every DoT skill gives u a stack (incinerate,divine stigma even discerning evil), you only need to know proper stack manegement so you wont lose dmg, chap is a REALLY easy class to play, spam Z to win

I’m maybe rly just not used to it yeah… but it’s still a huge difference that you don’t have to care about it at all with krivis and pd.
Also I’m playing Chap since a long long time. Believe me everything that breaks your attack chain can be a damage loss.
Divine Stigma is just too good for this imo. It’s not just good for keeping up the stacks without even caring about it but also it is worth to apply.

At the end I just don’t get why there is a restriction for Magic Circles and stuff like that if they let some skills to easily maintain it anyway.

Also I still don’t get why Thorn doesn’t. Also Black Death Steam I guess…you just care less about that one when you have a good one already for it.

…and also Emphatic but I’m just guessing it is considered basic attack as it counts for talent too…

But Saint Oath description says you shouldn’t be able to use it with Continous Damage Debuffs… so wth are all of those skills if only Thorn and BDS is that?

I don’t like when ppl look down chaplain like that xD… I play skill based classes too. I don’t find them harder in any way.
I find supports mostly the most hard to play maybe idk.