Tree of Savior

Sage master bookmark collection bugged (?)


Sage master was supposed to be giving an additional option for exchanging ripped book.
And yes i confirmed it with others who actually finished that pending quest on mine. Even they dont get the option.

If someone managed to get please share. As per inven post, there is no special requirement to unlock the collection option from sage master.

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Han


also stuck. 13 Bookshelf of Ripped Books.


same here have all quest done and only open the shop.


It might not be released yet. The patch notes only mentioned 4 new emotes.
2 collection. 2 from the riddles.

NEW Kupole Emoticons
You can get the new Kupole emoticons from the following collections/gimmicks:
Emoticon: Kupole (Nervous) - Exploration Finds
Emoticon: Kupole (Shocked) - Dexter’s Gifts
Emoticon: Kupole (Evil) - Adventurer Gimmick (20 times)
Emoticon: Kupole (Sigh) - Adventurer Gimmick (40 times)


Still not working.
IMC please fix or add this soon.



i think its not implemented.
when you read the patch notes there is nothing information about this collection



oh, it’s not out on itos yet…


It’s working now :smiley:






@Nyuha @Hmmmm Do you remember if this bookmark will be the last (20th trade) or I lost it? I already received 25 books.

@STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Amy can you help me?


The Violet Bookmark was the last for me. It is 20 or 21 exchanges (of 8 pages each) for all of them.

Someone else pm me and said he also was missing one. Looks like it can bug. Send a ticket and/or maybe ask @STAFF here in forum too.


@STAFF_Letitia @GM_Francis please take a look on this bug. For more information, you can see in my tickets.


IMC’d as usual


Did you get it in kTOS or iTOS? Just saying.


Hello I’ve sent the information to the QA team :sad:


Do we need to send tickets to get our respective bookmark? I dislike to send tickets to get an automated response, but if i have to, i will.


I have it in iTOS.
Made a video while exchanging them … for this case, but i was lucky? :tired:


Did you exchange them 8 by 8 or dropped 50+ to the Sage NPC? Also, did you read the books before exchanging the ripped book?

Maybe we made the mistake to drop 60+ ripped books at once without reading any N/A book. Mind sharing the video?


started with 254. until 6 left.


How did you guys get so many ripped books so fast? Is there another source for ripped books than Fedimian gimmick?


You can do it on different characters and place them all in team storage.