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Sage master bookmark collection bugged (?)


after the update yesterday it dosent work by the sage master is this right?
please confirm this


I just heard back that the complete Sage Master quest hasn’t been implemented yet. When it has, we will most likely add it to the patch notes.
I’m so sorry for the confusion. :sob:




you can do them on different characters, or if you do traveling goodsman gimmicks he gives 2 papers with the rewards


But it’s in game… implemented and working.


I gave the Sage Master some ripped papers, and he gave me… a “#N/A” book! :sad:


Did they disable it again? I went to the sage and he didn’t have any reaction to the papers this time


It was not in patchnotes at 24th Apr.
Guess it was activated on accident, not working for some people (see above) so they turned it off again.
Pretty lame.

And if it worked for someone, they can still get screw’d up because the emote window is to small to show all basic+popo+kupo emotes. Like i had today, see my thread. :sob:




yes it disable again :frowning:


:tired: i see… seem i just wasted life time for nothing to day


so it was still disabled ? sage npc dont give me the option than shop.


I am really sorry about that. We will officially announce when the gimmick is added. :sad:


Still not working.:distinguished:


:tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired:


This has been bugged since like forever, pls fix this!!! ASAP


… and mouse mode while you’re at it :wink:


Any update about the collection?



Now it’s OK and I got my e Kupole emote =)


Yo, i almost forgot about this until i decided to get all the Collections completed in the game. How did you fix it?
I gave like 60 ripped books to the NPC still nothing.