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Sadhu - Suggestions to improve the class

As a long time Sadhu player, I would like to suggest some thoughts that I have to make the class more viable.

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I want to say that the class is already way better now, after the Episode 11 patch, with better skill factors and overall better usage of Out of Body.

I also want to say that, for my suggestions, I am already considering the changes yet to come:

  • Increased SFR for Vashita Siddhi
  • Increased SFR for Astral Body Explosion
  • 2 overheats for Possession and increased SFR

Now with that out of the way, my suggestions:

Vashita Siddhi

  • Cooldown should be reduced (30s -> 20s)

    So you can use it more frequently

  • Reduce skill animation time, to cast faster

    Too slow for a single hit skill, even with increased SFR

  • Guaranteed Stun, or at least a higher chance, detailed with skill description

    This alongside Possession’s Hold effect and ABE knockdown effect would make the class a mix between damage and control, following Psychokino in a certain way, which happens to also be a Psychokinesis-based class, creating an interesting standard for this element/property.


  • Either reduce the cooldown to 45s or increase its duration to 45s

    A lot of other buffs have shorten downtime and provide similar effects, some of them even with 5min duration.


  • Remove the overheat

    It is an interesting thing, but it will only creates a bad concept of channeling multiple times, that will in fact reduce the damage output of the class

  • Increase channeling duration to 5s, indirectly increasing damage output
  • Reduce the starting delay for the animation
  • Increase area in about ~20% and center it around the character

    We came a long way with Possession’s area, but today it is totally unfair if you compare it with some skills from Exorcist, or even Dievdirbys’ Carve Owl, skills that are not channeling - except Rubric.


  • Allow it to hit flying mobs
  • Add an Enhancement attribute
  • Add an additional effect, maybe Blind

    Following that concept of all Psychokinesis skills having a secondary disruptive effect.

  • Increase the Skill Factor drastically, instead of fixed 100%

    Following the concept of skills like Hamaya and Aqua Benedicta.

Astral Body Explosion

  • Increase the duration of the DoT debuff to ~10s
  • Debuff skill factor increase with skill level

    Maybe something around 5% + 0.5% per skill level.

Besides this, I think the dev team should decide what they really want for this class. I see an idea of mixed Auto Attack + Skills, but I would like to suggest 2 other changes besides the ones already listed, one if this concept will trully be followed, other if it will be decided to abandon it for good (as the class actually never worked this way, maybe during CBT only):

Auto Attack + Skills Route

Out of Body

  • Remove the Evasion effect
  • Increase animation speed, to pop out spirit faster
  • Increase Spirit's Auto Attack area

    Maybe a little further ahead the spirit and a litte wider, to reach a little more monsters and be more rewarding.

  • Either increase Attack Speed with skill level or allow Binatio to take effect

    Binatio might be better, to further intensify the Chaplain synergy. But a little extra base attack speed would be great.

  • Change the Auto Attack to a true multihit one, instead of actual fake x3 hits
  • Keep the actual defense increasing effect
  • Keep the actual increase of the Basic Attack, if not increase it even more
  • Keep the knockdown/knockback protection

    I thought a lot about this one, but in the end it is better to keep it as it is, even if this removes one advantage of having Chaplain, because it is a little slower to actually start auto attacking with Sadhu than with other AA classes, so this would be a nice bonus.

  • Attribute that allows Vashita Siddhi and Possession to be used by the Spirit

    It could either be doubled, as ABE attribute, or a new one to transfer the usage to the spirit. I came with this by comparing with Monk and Schwarzer Reiter, that have instant access to other skills while auto attacking, due to proximity (close range for monk) or the way the skills work (SR ranged/projectile). This would allow to invest in both Auto Attack and other skills without feeling that you are wasting points.


Abandoning Auto Attack for good
  • Follow the Psychokino concept: Psychokinesis skills with damage + control
  • Remove Out of Body and Astral Body Explosion (this last one at least how it is today)
  • Change Prakriti to something like Levitation from Featherfoot

    Old Vashita animation, character will levitate and get immune to melee and ground attacks from a certain amount of time. Could even stay immobile, depending on how it would work and what would be allowed.

  • Add two new skills with damage + control
  • The actual effects of ABE (knockdown and DoT) could be splitted between both skills
  • Or one could have something like slow + dot, like Heavy Gravity, and the other the same effects of actual ABE
  • None of them being channeling skills

So these are my suggestions. What you guys think?

Hope Staff members will find it interesting.