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Sadhu rework feedback

I don’t like the removal of the Prana buff it took away the +45% magic damage gain. I choose this class only to use that buff in other classes and it seems they instead nerf it and give us some sadhu skill only focused buff in the spirit expert skill along with plenty of demerits to go with it. I hope I can delete this class and choose something else with useful attack/ damage boosting buff.

the extra skills it has probably try to even out the boost loss.
talk about boost, almost all classes suffer from this case where their boost for all become personal buff, so you can see it as they turn this boost as personal buff in form of extra dps skills
still, i dont know if its even
most likely its not but yeah almost every classes suffer this new approach anyway

talk about my experience playing sadhu,

the most critical part to me is its losing all of its unique attributes. Now sadhu only has enhance attribute with zero unique attribute. just arts. i know its just gimmick to begin with, it couldve been applied to the skills directly with no sense of on/off features for probably provides better option for different gameplay situation but no, this isnt the case anymore which is sad. this also feels like they half heartedly remake sadhu (again).

it has two skills with interesting animation, the chain and the big aoe, but the rest are boring.

i dont know why would i buy sadhu package.
they couldve spice thing up by releasing premium special sadhu costume, or even special sadhu title, which would be so cool but again no, probably they didnt expect too much from this sale anyway.

edit: turn out there is special costume but i dont know why they didnt brand it as special costume now. its lack of advertisement as they only gives table list of items in web and in game i can hardly find any showcase of how its look, not even tp shop, costume shop etc and only luckily i found this updated tos db and i can finally see the how it looks. duh imc, you owe this guy for being updated its site

the costume doesnt have vibes or relation to sadhu common costume at all. its so unlike any other costume where at least it has some elements from ordinary one, making the special one extravagant. this special costume almost feels like a different theme, like some fairy or elf themed costume

Agree about most parts
You can check the costume design if you visit main page actually, and yeah that’s it
No showcasing in game iirc
Yeah I know the case of never visiting main site and just straight to forum

+1 on opinion regarding sadhu special costume
I got it that green seems like a new color theme for sadhu but this special costume design doesn’t have any vibe of religious clergy warrior at all
It’s more suit as wizardry costume or yeah elven themed costume

It doesn’t even have elements from its normal costume
Compares to hwarang costumes line, sadhu special costume really came out of nowhere
It doesn’t even have elements of sadhu like in real life

Also for sadhu orange or saffron colored is sacred for them, going green is went too far from the original lore

Many players biased a class because they love the lore, this is such a disrespect to original lore

They could’ve gone with layer of robe, more beads accessories and so on to make the ordinary way cooler, not just throw something off and call it a day

Sadhu always treated poorly, maybe still better than alchemist