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Sadhu needs better way to call body to soul than 15s CD Prakriti

Really like the concept of Sadhu but I think a lot of the hate the class receives is due to being sucked back to your body every time you need to move locations.

The Prakriti is a one shot wonder on a 15sec CD to call your body over but its simply not enough.

Please add a way to call body over without CD so we can get body out of dangerous AOE as well as have a way to move through a dungeon without retreating back into body after every fight.

Few simple ways would be adding an Art/Attribute that you can toggle on Prakriti to say, remove the damaging magic circle that’s placed to make it an ‘on demand’ way to call over body without being forced back into the body.

Also could make Out of Body automatically walk the body closer, maybe at slight speed penalty, when you reach the tether point with soul.

Personally I think a toggle on Prakriti to call body would be best as it would allow escaping from AOE and other dangers while adding body movement to Out of Body would only help dungeon runs.