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Sadhu+Chaplain+Swift Ark synergy feedback

Just a quick feedback about Sadhu and swift ark.

So trying out different classes with Chaplain I saw Sadhu “ghosts” with wandering soul art trigger swift ark.

It’s nice and all but lets start at the beginning.

  • It’s not worth it without chaplain in the first place and that’s okay but it means it should work better with it.
  • While I think Swift ark even affects the damage of the ghosts I think Saint Oath doesn’t and it doesn’t make sense to me.
  • With Sadhu you would have at least 4 skills I think. The animation delay is just too much for a Chaplain. You lose time when you summon the ghosts and that’s never good for a chaplain.
  • Ghost damage is not calculated in Visible Talent (tho it would be hard to combine them anyway cause the animation delay and short durations)
  • The duration of the ghosts is quite short and I even saw them dieing in boss fights.
  • Binatio, Aspergillum, Sacrament does not affect ghosts. I know it most likely would be too op now so it’s just a sidenote.

I don’t know what would be the best solution for this but currently it feels a bit uncomfortable. There aren’t much big differences in classes I choose for my AA chaplain because building on saint oath and swift ark makes my chaplain the main damage in the build. I could even say it’s close to be balanced but I feel like Sadhu is still not the best choice in terms of extra damage either.

Giving more duration and maybe survavibility too to the ghosts even with some downside with an extra attribute would be nice. Also making the animation delay shorter would help a lot. I think changing these two would already make a sadhu aa chaplain more fun.

But there could be a lot other options.

As a sidenote I’m also not sure about Sadhu’s wandering soul art because it doesn’t just change the mechanic of the class but forces ppl to use it in PvE because it gives more damage. I think the mechanic change and the CC vs DAMAGE attribute should be 2 separate attributes or something like that idk…or maybe the normal version would need a damage attribute too that deletes cc?

Wake up
Synergy between classes is no more
They slowly kill every skills interaction between classes
Wishing for more synergy is against the lame path they chose

I know and see that… it’s just weird that swift ark “works” on sadhu.