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Saalus Attribute points reward

Hello IMC,
It’s good to add AP to saalus, but I think it’s very inconvenient untradable. So my suggest is:

  • Change it to tradable. Obviously, because in the future, some characters may full enough and no longer needed.
  • Stay untradable, but consume directly. What is the point of untradable and need to be used??

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Amy

there is a way to trade attribute without even make the item just have to figure it out how because the feature been there for so long.

Then we jump to the 2nd suggest.

there is no different between consume directly or not. its just so they can make it as reward item instead of updating attribute. the point of untradable is because its meant to be use for that character but as i mention earlier there is a way to trade it to another character so it need to be used.


The real question is, why 5x100 instead of 1x500?


They just want your mouse to die with more clicks

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and why not 10x50???

Don’t give them ideas


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