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[SA] Silute "Temporary" Rolocation? IMC give us a answer!

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Three months ago the IMC gave a temporary transfer to announce the location of the server [SA] Silute from Brazil to the United States, accusing the server in Brazil was taking DDoS and when solve the problem would bring the server back to Brazil. (

So here we are three months of waiting with no answer, no retransfer date, no announcement.

Ask for answer this post and post the announcement! (

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A três meses atrás a IMC deu um anuncio de transferencia temporaria da localização do servidor [SA] Silute do Brasil para os Estados Unidos, acusando que o servidor no Brasil estava tomando DDoS e que quando resolvessem o problema traria o servidor novamente para o Brasil.

Então estamos aqui a três meses de espera sem nenhuma resposta da IMC, nenhuma data, nenhum anuncio.

Peça resposta nesse post e no post do anuncio! (

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  • Español:

Hace tres meses, el IMC dio una transferencia temporal de anunciar la ubicación del servidor [SA] Silute de Brasil a los Estados Unidos, acusando al servidor en Brasil fue tomando DDoS y cuando resolver el problema sería poner el servidor de nuevo a Brasil.

Así que aquí estamos tres meses de espera sin respuesta IMC, sin fecha, no hay ningún anuncio. (

Pregunta respuesta en este post y el anuncio del puesto! (

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It’s a problem with the server provider (In this case Amazon) as they do not care enough about their Brazil servers to give them proper DDoS protection and thus what happened happened.
From there, IMC hasn’t found a proper server provider over here and thus there’s nothing. It’s quite simple really.

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Three months and found no provider? They gave no answer about anything, simply abandoned because almost no one else is claiming on forum.
Every day the number of players fall because of bugs, excessive lag, poor optimization.
I really like the game, and I think he has a lot of potential, but the IMC need to pack too much.


I’m sure it was a request from LUG to move the server, so we would have a reason to play in the Brazilian server. But now that they are not partners …

LUG actually cuted out the conections because IMC opened a SA server with special lowered prices becasue economy, the whole notice thing was basically them being super pissy about it. Well, there’s simply not many server providers in SA, let alone good ones.

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@Jariu Honestly, the server was better before the transfer, me and my friends were playing with 60-100ms, and sometimes gave 250ms spike, now I get 250-350ms.

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Well, my guildies with very few exeptions had pretty bad connection either way due to the structure and DDoS attacks.
SA is quite big, my boy.

I hope they never relocate the server on BR.



I know, but no one want to play with 300+ms forever…

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Well, a cosntantly DDoS attacked server than can fall at any second due to this, which at a point left most of the continent unnable to conect, is not what I’d call an improvement.

Why dont look at other places in SA? I know like 90% of the population of the server is BR, but maybe it would be better have a stable server in other place, like Chile :slight_smile: . The br won’t have the excellent ping that they used to have (0~60) buy signifcant less compared to the actual situation

Out net structure in Chile is absolutely horrendous, not much of an improvement either.


Where do you get that information? I know there are some host in Chile, for example for LoL (never played the game, but people said that) and they works fine.

I know becuase I LIVE HERE.


Yo también, tengo vtr, y general me corre casi todo bien. El dota 2 también tiene servidores acá y muchos argentinos y peruanos prefieren seleccionar el server de Chile porque les anda mucho mejor que el de Brasil.

No matter where are the server, if not exceed 100ms and is stable.

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No matter where are the server, if not exceed 100ms and is stable.²

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Don’t change the lenguage, we are all using English here for a reason.
Well, if it works so well then tell us the provider so we can give the shoutout to IMC.


I usually play LOL with 12 MS.

Just thinking in TOS with 12 MS…

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Oh weon que actitud más conchasumadre. Filo, da lo mismo lo que hablemos aca total no cambiará nada.