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[SA] - GTW and GF FeedBack from a Brasil outsider

  • Team Name:Halloweed

  • Character Name:Silverknigth

  • Class Build: wizard 3, Elementalist 3, Featherfoot 3

  • CPU:i7 3770k

  • RAM: 4gb

  • Graphics Card: asus gtx 1080ti

  • OS: W10

  • Internet Connection Speed: 250/10 mb

  • Country/State: Chile

  • Commentsplay this game with over 20 players casting skills at the same thime its imposible.
    on GTW I only try to cast on huge AoE areas and kills players and waiting for a game response over 5 secs that I finish my animation
    on GF, my team can take my gems fist than me due the delay between the cast and the animation delay.
    to finish on both its imposible run from enemies or hit them with some cc because when you finish to do some skill animation they are gone.

make this king of content its a mistake and it is not the first game with this kind of problem.
league of legends split their SA servers because the conection was horrible between BR and others countries
and BDO its showing the same problems on their BR servers test.

Offtopic: Porque tienes la tremenda Tarjeta de video y Proce y solo 4 de ram? no vale la pena mas ram?

Edit: Pero supongo que los 11 Vram de la TV te da mas que suficiente para jugar ToS al maximo =D

Offtopic 2: a que hora es el PvP de la mina en Silute ahora? no e podido dar con el horario -_-

es tan simple como que me gaste la plata en la tarjeta de video…
son 2 da 4 pero me guie por lo que me dice el pc y me sale que esta funcionando con 4, voy a ver que onda cuando lo limpie.image