Roona macroing(?) in Baubas Cave ch1


- Server : Fedimian (EU)

- Team Name : Roona (accused)

- Location : Baubas Cave, on top of a pillar (what a surprise) :tired:

- Approximate date / time (EDT) : 08:10 AM

- Evidence: Screenshots of him taking place, not doing anything but occasional attacks to keep summons going, and a video where I observe not moving even an inch. Even tried to speak to him but no response. This could be just casual button press every once a while so I want this person to debunk it themselves then.


@Staff_Bob go and do sht cuz it starting bothering me.
154 staffs do their work///////


Thank you, Roona is not in 9Worlds anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:
@STAFF_Bob Please further investigation. + this Pillar need to be deleted. thanks.