Tree of Savior

Rookie Savior Event: Get Ahead (Dec '18)


Get Ahead rewards have been slightly adjusted. Check the announcement for details.


[Event] Lv 315 Enhanced/Transcended Weapon Selection Box x1 [TIMED - 14 Days]



Stop these BS Rookie packs. They just make overpowered noobs for a few weeks, which won’t ever learn the mechanisms of the game cos they got shiny stuff given on a silver plate. Just leave the useful consumables (megaphones, soul crystals, warp scrolls) and replace the stupid boosting items by meaningful stuff: CM portal scrolls to learn how to do CM, silver anvils/enchant scrolls to learn how to enchant…


Can you please for the love of god or any shiit you believe in shut the fk up? Every mmorp has this kind of events or packs for new players or old players who comeback to the game. TOS has less players than a Ragnarok private server so no way to spit on new comers. I came back after a long ass break i got some 30 days items and i’m not outplaying players who farmed the whole time. It’s just help me to get back in the game and prepare the permanent gear


I think the valid point he’s making is the fact that this equipment doesn’t help the game.
In fact, it makes huge parts of the game completely useless even for new players,
e.g. map exploration [since you can skip questing by just destroying monsters till level 50 on basic maps and then use dungeon vouchers & EXP tomes to rush to cap], basic equipment crafting [since from a certain level random stat equipment is just way better and easier to get], questing [because you get free dungeon & farming exp boosts]and field boss hunting [as you won’t have any warp to their maps if you don’t explore and activate the warps].

There are so many maps which are completely dead because new players just rush to cap since their stuff is all timed [14 days or 30 days] so they need to advance fast and afterwards farm their equipment till their timed ones run out.
There are a lot of status points you can get via quests [which are the only free status points left after Re:build hits] and Zeymyna Statues which you have to collect one by one afterwards for maximum output.

You probably won’t have any collections either,nor know of field gimmicks.

And when you’re at level cap, you see there’s nothing to do for you except challenge mode, Saalus and gem feud since you don’t have proper equipment for raids or Velcoffer.

I don’t think it’s the right way to address the shortage of player influx.

It also helps the bots to level up and generate silver for RMT.

You’re talking about the homecoming gift, which is completely different from the rookie savior items.


Same shiit mate homecoming event items last 30 days, rookie items 14 days. Players will still go through maps and raids to get permanent gear.