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Rogue state in re;build


i used to play rogue a lot back in pre rebuild, but i didnt know is rogue still good in scout tree now, my question is is rogue usable right now? if so, which class synergies well with rogue?


personnaly, i use it and it’s fine ?
current build for me is assassin - rogue - linker

it costs a lot of SP, but damage-wise it’s alright i’d say
also sneak hit increasing critical rate when behind is good for this build imo (plus, in PvP Behead teleports you behind other players, wich means you get free extra damage with backstab, on top of stunning everything super often with that skill)


Rogue Backstab and Lachrymator stuns boss monsters, soo yeah, i guess its strong ;3


I’m really happy with Rogue now, only miss Capture but… backstab is great, if you only took the damage of 1 backstab maybe is no that great but x3 is a lot with 10seg CD, plus stun is really long (IMC don’t nerf it T_T), for pvp is a must, burrow to avoid some target skills (like OUTRAGE from BM), you still get the damage but you are in hide until die XD, Knife throw is a decent debuff but not great damage to be the last skill in the Rogue tree.

My main now is Rogue-BM-Assa after drop Linker for BM…


thanks for the input guys, i decide to take rogue-assassin for now

i have another question about the dagger mastery attribute and the werewolf card, is it still bugged? or did they ninja fix it already?


This topic is about it, actually

  1. It only 2x damage if it’s crit from behind. If no crit, no damage boost.
  2. I tested Dagger Mastery, seems like it is working. Got 2x backstab damage from in front.

Werewolf card works also