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Ritsu's In-Depth Guide to Psychokino

Hello, been reading this for a while im using pyro-kino-onmyo, can i see what will be your skill build if this was your path? it feels a little underwhelming to me or i just dont know how to combo yet properly ( cause ive switched from pyro ele tao ) .

this was my current. note: i have RC to craft Enchant fire and flame ground scrolls so i did not max it in my pyro skill, should i max flame ground instead of fireball so ill have double the duration

I think your skill build actually looks good. As you’ve noted, you have a Rune Caster to create Enchant Fire and Flame Ground scrolls, so what I would change in your Pyro distribution is to leave Enchant Fire at 0 and max Flame Ground (you can take the points out of Prominence and Hell Breath). Skill scrolls take the user’s stats and attributes, so the 1 point in Enchant Fire won’t be needed since you can still use the one attribute it has without having learned the skill. Skill scrolls also have separate cooldowns as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, so being able to double-cast Flame Ground is a nice perk you can take advantage of.

Since you’ve switched out of Taoist, you will see a noticeable drop in overall DPS, especially against bosses. Regardless, some of these tips should help in maximizing your damage.

  • Kind of a no-brainer, but Fire Fox should be up at all times. Not only does it increase your Critical Rate for Fire spells, but it’s especially important for Gravity Pole to deal a lot of damage.
  • Use Raise when you use Fire Pillar. It doesn’t have to CC anything. It just needs to be within Fire Pillar’s range.
  • When using the Fireball + Psychic Pressure combo, put down all 5 Fireballs and then cast Psychic Pressure. You’ll deal much more damage if Psychic Pressure hits multiple Fireballs.
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oh didnt know attribute will work without the skill, good to know ill save 1 pt.

and thanks for that raise tip, i thought only raised mobs will receive double hits.

ok thanks will try all of that.

Can you help me with having a Kino-Cryo-Sage build? idk what is the best build tbh but i played it for 1 month since it is released and my current build there is kino-cryo. also can u provide some skill lvls ? idk if sage is a good one tho? >< Also i’m into pve only hyuhehe

Sage is okay, but it doesn’t go well with a Cryo/Kino build. The best choice in this case would be Onmyoji. It provides a strong defensive buff (Genbu Armor), some nice AoEs which is great for Challenge Modes, and most importantly, Fire Fox Shikigami with the “Fire Property” attribute. This particular attribute is necessary to hit all 16 Ice Walls with Psychic Pressure and to deal maximum damage with Gravity Pole.

For a skill build, I would follow this link:

Or if you want to stick with Sage, I can’t really help there. My knowledge on it is outdated at the moment.

thank u vmuch omg. since people are pretty endgame now i think idk if i shud play the game dgxkxbxhxk also i downloaded it earlier and my lvl 87 cryo-kino got deleted for unknown reason(?) aish it got lots of money+costume :(( but isso k >< any tips senpai huhuhu

I’m back with more updates.

  • A new section “7. External Resources” is added. This contains links to databases, other websites, and other similar resources that will help you understand Psychokino even better.
  • Psychokino’s Stat Growth Ratio is now shown in this guide.
  • The recommended skill build is changed again. This time with 2 different versions and the reasoning behind them.
  • Some extra details on Onmyoji synergy. (And Cryomancer to some extent)

Happy Halloween Saviors! Hope you’re enjoying the treats from this week’s patch. :satisfaction:

New Arts system and a new item made specifically for Psychokinos means new updates to this guide.

Also, I must heavily emphasize to fellow Kinos that grabbing the “[Arts] Teleportation: Return” attribute is absolutely not recommended. It overwrites the Psychokino attribute that gives Teleportation the extra overheat, which means we lose that extra mobility.

What do you think about the Heavy Gravity/Raise combo art? I don’t see any real description of what the art does apart from “launches to the air and makes fall to the ground”.

It’s not bad. It creates a new Heavy Gravity circle that will immobilize enemies (they can still attack) then knocks them up pretty high when it ends, similar to Earthquake.