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Right hand and left handed stances

Can you please allow us to choose if our characters are right or left handed? Thank you.


Yes, why is everybody left-handed in ToS?

From a 2014 Dev Blog they said this:

Q) Are the characters all left-handed? They were attacking with left hand when I watched a video clip.

A) When characters are using weapons on right hand, characters are hardly visible on the screen so to make them more visible, we changed the sides. I never thought you would notice this…
Please think of it as the image reflected from mirror.

I’ve never understood their reasoning.

This suggestion is a great idea.

Omg. Agree on this. I just got used to playing it as it is but this is one of the most awkward things on the game.

I mean, I don’t discriminate on lefties but costumes like murmillo is for right-handed use.

Hello Devs,

It has been literally YEARS now and I would like to ask could you please put an option to have right handed characters as main weapon? Playing through some of the quests, I see that you have some NPC’s that hold their weapon in the right hand; as well as use it as such. It is a simple matter of image reflection. This is an easy request to satisfy as well as improve quality of life. I have literally taken years off playing this game at a time because you guys don’t think that simple things are a big deal. I’m a very detail oriented person and to have certain classes and weapons on the left hand are not how they do it in real life.

Please consider this.