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Rework Ramda Quests

Doing Ramda repeatable quests used to be much easier when people are doing CM in episode 12 maps and with the old CM auto 2. Right now doing Ramda is very tedious as you need to return to Klaipeda and get the quest again.

My suggestion is just to merge the quests in to one big quest with the same amount of reward. For example:
Defeat 70 Orc Flagbearer 10x (Rewards 1x 500 Attribute Points & 2x Lvl 16 Exp Card)

Defeat 700 Orc Flagbearer 1x (Rewards 10x 500 Attribute Points & 20x Lvl 16 Exp Card).

Thank you

I’m at 9/10 with my alt and I cannot tell you enough how BORING this stupid quest is… and it takes FOREVER, especially when the only items you have at that point with alts is the Kedorian 400 stuff which is totally obsolete against episode 12 mobs. Plus if you do this with a level 450 char, the exp rewards are not even worth it (not sure you even gain two levels out if this). Plus it clogs the quest list…

My suggestion is simply to remove this absurdity. Not worth the amount of time required to complete.

You miss the whole point of repeatable quest

The annoying repeat is the gimmick that makes it repeatable quest

To sum all the effort and reward into one single quest means remove it’s gimmick, remove it’s repeatable identity

Also, repeatable quest is some old ancient stuff that reward not worth the time and effort anymore.

It’s outdated.

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