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Rework Assister Album: Select

These things are an insult to the player: it takes time to draw the cards, you choose one, get trash and watch the other cards turn and reveal the uniques and legendaries you missed which also takes FOREVER. For god’s sake, just make those right clickable and give one random card…


or allow us to combine 5 and give us the standard assister card album.


IMC loves to drink the tears of unlucky players like me. :rofl:



i have 1** select album and i wont use them, waste of time and annoying AF.
even the card limit of 30 is stupid.

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if you’re into addons, there is a new addon called “ancientmonstersimpleopen” which added a button that open ALL albums (both 1/5 select) for you.

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Are assisters even worth the trouble?
I ignored them untill now…

You’re missing out 25 pieces of 1,000 attribute points per week (assuming you can beat stage 30+).

They give you some stat boosts. You can summon them in certain solo content.

According to patch notes there should also be an Assister CM now, but I couldn’t find it. (Patch notes say that you can select it but I don’t get that option.)

They stack quite a lot of stats for your account/character depending on how you’ve set it up.

Eg: For a pyromancer, having the following:

  1. Helga
  2. Ignas
  3. Solcomm
  4. Mothstem

Gives me INT, SPR, CritRate, Accu and +DMGinCM (this scales to the stars of Helga and Ignas and can be 5, 7 or 9%).

This is one example and Helga itself (at slot 1) gives my character “Increase Fire Damage” which translates to % damage (viewable in F1) for all my Fire skills (goes up the more stars and levels it has).

For raids, I swap out Helga+Ignas with Moring+Velco (to get +DMGinRaid instead).

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well i guess at least i open my albums now lol

It only shows up in Episode 12 areas if you’re a party leader and try to enter a Challenge Mode alone.


Oh, be aware that some legendary assistors can be gained only via fusion - namely Baby Skiaclipse (pierce damage), Baby Hauberk (slash damage), Baby Marnox (healing).
And the assister bonus depends on level and number of stars. So you’ll ideally need 8 of the above if you want to maximize those bonuses.
And in slash/pierce damage cases, the alternatives are of common tier, thus with far lower bonuses.

So, yeah, good luck. I still haven’t got a single baby skia in all these months…

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Nice, I did not know that. I always use fusion to get rid of trash ones. Now that’s something to look forward to.

Best I got so far was Boruta, and that’s from a “choose 1” album. Not sure if I was lucky with that, or if that mattered at all lol

Baby Assisters are not absolute must-haves, though.

Well, you need to fuse legendaries; maybe the unique fusion with grade promotion could also work, though. But…therein lies the issue - how many legendaries or unique grade promotions have you ever got? And you need 3 just to try a fusion, and hope you get the correct one.

When they are the only legendary that improves that stat, and the alternative is common tier, they actually kinda do.
A lvl 450 Grim Reaper, 3 stars, gives around 663 pierce-type damage bonus
A lvl 450 Baby Skiaclipse 3 stars gives around 1509 - that’s more than double.
It’s like 6.3% added pierce damage compared to the Grim Reaper - hardly negligible at all.
And available only via layers upon layers of random chances.

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kinda impossible? XD

Also I hate that a 3 star legendary would take (I assume because 2 star is 8) 12 points from 27 to use… It’s not even worth to evolve some of them if you use them in combos…
use this, it will help to reduce your frustration.
But I understand and support your criticism

page not found?
Yeah it kinda takes time opening every monday when i clear all 40 stages (only 35+ if i am unlucky / bad strat), and also frustrating to open and miss the highest rarity ones.

i almost only play for collecting them. so far i only need misrus, velco, baby skia, and baby marnox.

I have to agree.

The whole menu involved in the card / album drawing system is really clunky.

just use the manager, search for “ancientmonstersimpleopen”

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