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Review Adventure journal rewards

Imagine working for a month, competing against other players, finally getting the first place and then getting rewards that are (collectively) worth less than 10$ (selling a token, can buy almost all of it from other players with some silver left over).
The only real lasting reward is the title, which is character-bound… a title for winning in account-wide journal progression is a character-bound title… Honestly, with how adventure journal distributes rewards I did not expect title to only be claimable by 1 character…

Anyways, consider giving first 3 places rewards, that are worth working for.

First place should get a full pet and not 60% of one, OR let first place choose the vouchers. Bacon is worthless! Title should be claimable by all characters. It’s first place earned by an account, not by a single character…

Second place, same as first minus the title.

Third place should get overall more stuff than top 10, but less than first 2 places.