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Returning wizard to the party =D!

Hello fellow magicians, i am here, returning after a considerable break and i have an idea for a build, but i am not sure over how viable it would be.

I am a big fan of roleplaying and creating characters according to a theme, so i came up with the idea of creating a wizard themed around dark magic.

For that i am considering the following:


the something part could be a sage or a psychokino, and i am leaning heavily towards the psychokino for more CC on the build and packing the mobs into a singular place before dishing some AoE dmg.

I would like your sincere opinion if that build would be viable for PvP and PvE (doesnt need to be the best of the best, i just need to know if it would be able to perform well enough to be worth the effort of lvling it)

If going for Psychokino, this would be the skill tree i came up with:

By the way, if you guys know of a better skill calculator more up to date (not sure how viable is nowadays) i would appreciate as well. Thanks a lot for incoming feedback.

Cyall soon =D

Your build look nice ! Let’s see from my opinion

  • SM got nerfed but still strong for dich out some burst DPS. Shadow Condensation should be maxed and infernal shadow too. Spare some points from both attack skill, prefered shadow conjuration more for me.
  • Warlock now play around with Invocation focused. Since it can summon spirit itself without needed from killing enemy like before so basically you don’t need DS anymore (or 1 pointer for bit more nurst soul strike). Pole of Agony now hit hard, very hard. And mastema phantom pain got nerfed too. Still can be used but if you want your spirit to get highest burst potential you can consider spare some points onto Ghastly Trail. Wait when spirit gather a lot, use trails, and then evil sacrifice to make all spirit homing to enemy automatically. Demon Scratch is depend on your build too.
  • Kino… It feel great for having a bit more CC. But I like Featherfoot better. I think it fits more in ‘Dark Mage’ theme. And with life-leaching for better surviving and curse magic it can strengthen dark magic from other classes too !

Here is my build :

Tanks man =D, will give it a look =)

Seconding paokung’s opinion on FF being the best third class : every curse will add 50% damage to all dark element and with SM/WL you deal only Dark damage.

I’ll also add that the new ARTS on Warlock makes your pole of agony spawn spirits that you can use with GT and evil sacrifice, and they deal even more damage than Invocation since they scale with the damage of PoA. So all in all skill distribution in the WL tree can vary depending on how often you want to use the spirits :
-if you have lots of other skills in your rotation max only Ghastly Trail and Dark Theurge and leave Invocation at 0/1, use PoA + DT + GT > ES combo every 30s
-if you don’t have that many others skill to use and want to rely on spirits, Max Invo and GT, leave DT at 1 (still a pretty good damage boost to your evil sacrifice even with 1 level) and do invo + GT every 10s with DT and POA as often as possible.

oh hello fellow darkling Owo/

i still use this for skill simulator owO

i have cryo, sorc, and SM for my dark wiz build (coz cryomancer master is named aleister crowley, and i like ice Owo)

i just went full retard on the themes i like rather than considering it being a viable build or not Owo;;;

i end up with this trio of different strengths in stat aspects INT(SM) CON (cryo) SPR(sorc)

yeah, i think kino would be a better option to sage (plus kino costume looks nice) Owo

for survivability, i guess SM skills is a good alternative. mainly hallucination (i just put 3 levels from that) and the SM arts (it reduce the life of the infernal shadow but you gain a 10sec shield based from the target HP (been using this to survive ignas one-shot)

invest on the warlock arts attribute (30k+ attrib points) Owo

here’s a list of the arts, in case you might find something that may make you reconsider your current build.