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Returning to ToS...can I get some build advice for Archer?

I heard Musketeer is great again. I used to love that class so I want to make rifle based classes with Musketeer and start scratch with a new character. My question is…what class types do NOT mix well with Musketeer?

any class that force you to use other weapon like arbalester, mergen, cannon, matross

Musket is very flexible, but you need to pick up classes which are compatible, weapon-wise, or else you lose Serenity upon weapon swapping.

Right now, your best bets are hunter and tiger hunter. You can also do appraiser or falc if you want to be very useful in parties. Wugu is good as well for now, but may fall off with best in slot gear after a bug fix in KR. Appraiser requires a hidden quest or voucher to pick up, which you may not want to do.

Another advice: musketeer and tiger hunter don’t have good AoE and for some contents you may struggle to kill a lot of monsters together.
Depending on your wish, you may need to use some classes like falconner. OR you may use appraiser for better buffs/support instead.

what bug fix is that? care to elaborate?

My goal atm is to be good with guilds (when the times comes when I want to be in one) and grinding.

Poison crits do not currently proc ataka, which is a bug.

Jincan bugs still do, so it can kinda be hard to notice.