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Returning player - Crusader synergies?

Heya guys. So I’m looking at getting back in the game after 2 years to have some casual fun, and out of the new classes Crusader interests me the most (and the addition of the 2h Blunt weapons).

So what works with the class? Right now I’m looking mostly at offensive classes with Crusader - Inquisitor - Zealot. Will I be alright? LOL

Any insights would be appreciated.

I tested crusader a bit, seems to work well with druid. I think the last slot could be plague doctor or exorcist.

Crusader is mostly magic so I’m not sure if it will fit well with other physical clerics, while druid has both magic/physical mode.

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It works, but sadly only into the direction of Crusader, since Crusader only boosts magic damage while Zealot and Inquisitor can boost physical and magic damage, as well as crit chance.
You’ll also lose some magic attack and healing since you’re going hybrid with that build, and physical Cleric classes no longer have any SPR growth.

If you want to go hybrid, I’d suggest taking two magic classes (for example Crusader + Exorcist, or Crusader + Sadhu) and one physical class (Zealot or Inquisitor).
If you take Inquisitor, be warned that your Inquisitor will mostly be a buffer since only Breaking Wheel and Ripper deal significant damage (Pear of Anguish is ok, but hard to trigger against some enemy types), God Smash was nerfed to oblivion and only works well with the Vaivora weapon, but you’d want that ichor to be the Crusader Vaivora weapon, since it is much better.

Zealot is viable, but it is generally outperformed by Druid (unless you have close to no crit rate, then the minimum crit chance boost of Zealot will help more than Lycanthropy).

Best idea would be to get the build you like and take the class reset points from the reset NPC to enable yourself to change the classes later on, because a class is more than the sum of its skill factors and buffs, and different play styles suit different people differently.

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So what you’re saying is that the end class should have magic growth? I’m willing to go the Inquisitor - Exorcist - Crusader route

EDIT: does Paladin have a place in a Crusader build? I can let go of Inquisitor/Zealot if having support is more viable. I’m thinking Exorcist - Paladin - Crusader

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Also to follow up, I want to be able to farm efficiently, I will only be playing casually. Would this setup work or am I better off with other classes?

What kind of farm is this? I just came back recently and found that SR is really nice and easy to solo farm pre-EP12 CM with all the resets given.

You have 2 good maps to spam solo CM with, Outer Wall 14 and 15, I prefer 15 unless it’s always 10/10. You can easily clear stage 7 in 12-13 mins with the ep11 freebie gear or stage 5 in 5 mins or more or less. For EP12 CM group farming, you’re better off with something else since the damage buildup of SR is so slow and people rely on diev so all that long build up is still “low” dps.

actually inquisitor right now kind of works with magic classes
inquisitor new attributes, absorb magic hilariously also increase magic damage
if the number is the same as phys damage, that is a whooping 75% magic damage increase at 50 stack
there is also judgement debuff that increase holy damage by 10%
be reminded though, inquisitor at its base is physical cleric, so you still lose some int scaling

Honestly not sure as I haven’t fully absorbed all changes, but CM mode seems to be the place. I’d like to be able to farm solo.

PS Hey man I’ve been corresponding with you before on your Fencer guide, helped me loads back then. Good to see you’re back too

That’s nice to know, thanks for that. Yeah I noticed the stat gains, so I guess it’s really best to have atleast 2 magic clerics.

I honestly didn’t notice the stat scaling when I came back and just found out recently, too bad though it seems there’s no class that really takes advantage of being hybrid phys and magic (skill scaling on both patk and matk). I’ll have to theorycraft some more.

You mean this?
lol IMC never fails to surprise me

Yea @Artreides I remember you too, I won’t post too much stuff about it since this is cleric section but yeah SR is is really good pre-EP12 content.

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yep, thats the one
imc as usual :tired:
i honestly dont know if its intended or just bug, some people said its still work in ktos
but just take it with grain of salt

That’s a viable option. You’d have to forfeit Conviction for the sake of Resist Elements,though, because Resist Elements will boost your damage while Conviction does not (only deals damage).
It also has a decent uptime when in a party due to Cleric buff duration enchant upping the skill duration to 51 seconds while Laima usually decreases the CD time to around 70 seconds, so it’s worth taking over Conviction.

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I see that Paladin also has an art that changes the stat growth from str to int and dex to spr, and all skillls to magical. Question is, does it still apply the changes even after you have switched class?

Which changes? The stat growth ones only affect the stat growth you gain from the specific class, since every class has its own stat growth modifier which are all added up and then divided by the total number of classes in the build to calculate the actual stat growth modifier.


I was referring to this one, found it here on the website browsing through the Paladin skill tree

its a toggle on/off attribute
conviction and demolition also changed to magic skill if you turn it on, neutral element only though
also its not an art, and can be learned normally

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Wow still typical IMC even messing up their own website. :tired:

Thanks for confirming though.

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Hello there,

with the recent buff to Miko the “meta” build for Crusader changes quite heavily.
Crusader is a burst class which relies heavily on magic circle skills for the dmg output. If u have the Vaivora weapon u will almost have a full skill rotation with only Crusader Skills - thats why theres usualy no need for other DPS classes in a crusader build, since u mainly rely on Crusader Skills.

Why is Miko so strong for Crusader now?

  • Sweeping Broom adds +2 to magic circles and thus strengthens 3 of Crusader skills - Condemn, Sacred and Prot. of the goddess
  • Since Crusader builds rely almost entirely on Crusader Skills for dmg, u usualy pick the other 2 classes as buffer for Crusader itself > Miko has 2 of such boosters! (Kagura dance is only a short channel and applies the magic dmg debuff on enemies and the attribute also reduces crit resistance, Omikuji is a random Skill but can apply 20% more matk/Patk or 50% crit rate to urself and the party)
  • The great SFR of Hamaya, which is also a Magic Circle can be used in the short downtime of Crusader CDs and adds some more dmg > It also reducesc rit resistance!

The increases SFR boost to Hamaya brings me to the 3rd class in the current meta build - Exorcist!
Exorcist can amplify the Hamaya with the Entity skill (best used it shortly before Hamaya runs out to even further increase the duration).
Exorcist also offers Gregorate to boost magic dmg on enemies, which is a nice boost.
Aqua Benedicta is a magic circle and thus gets also amplified by the Sweeping Broom of Miko.
Lats but not least there is Rubric - Rubric can be used in downtimes and adds some dmg > if u dont have the crusader vaivora its a great skill if used with the Exo Ichor from Skiaclipse Raid

Other classes that can help Crusader:

  • Druid, it has some added DPS with thorns and chortasmata, also crit dmg buff with Sterea Troth and the increased crit rate and magic dmg in Demi Wolf Transformation
  • Plague Doctor, has some nice selfheal and additionaly can use Black Death Steam to reduce crit resistance (Its also a magic circle) and Incineration for some more dmg, Pandemic can add a 100% uptime debuff for 100% increased magic dmg for urself
  • Dievdirby: Adds CD if u want to purely rely on crusader skills (i wanted to mention it, but i dont recommend it)
  • Krivis: Some nice dmg boosts withs Zalciai and Daino, but not worth it in the currrent state (Used to be very good…)
  • Sadhu: Has a nice 100% uptime buff with Prana that adds crit dmg and magic dmg, also has some nice burst skills with rather low CD - might be a nice option if u dont have the vaivora weapon
  • Paladin: with the addition of the transfer from physic to magic dmg u get some niche DPS skills - they combo in itself and arent that bad tbh, Barrier with the magic attribute adds some magic dmg for urself and party and resist elements with the attribute can be changed into a booster for holy, fire, lightning and psychokino dmg - great if combined with other magic player (e.g. a pyromancer will love u for being Pala > theres also conviction which will help to Pyro too - sadly not urself) > Main problem is that the attributes currently dont work, which is sad cuz i like Pala lot

Lastly: The current meta build Exo-Miko-Crusader has many synergies and is recommended to play for Crusader players! This doesnt mean that other builds arent viable - if u have more fun with other builds for sure play those, but i tried to listed all relevant synergies for a DPS orientated Crusader build.
I gladly answer further questions in that regard.

Have fun in the game!


Thank you so much for the insight.

Sadly I’m not a fan of Miko/Kannushi gameplay, enjoying the play style is a big thing for me that’s why I tend to pick classes that may or may not have synergies, but enjoys the overall gameplay. I main Fencer back then and it’s a bit sad that going Matador seems the only path for it and I’m no fan of being a bull fighter.

Anyway after much deliberation, I’m mostly interested in these classes


Being Crusader is the end path, and I would like to be able to solo. So would you say an Exo - Pala - Crus would help me do that? I’m also considering being an off support (fitting in Krivis or even Priest) so I can be of use when I do go with random pt’s. But I guess this would be less efficient than being a dedicated support.

Last thing, should I stick with 2h blunt or is there any leeway with using staffs?

2h blunt
You could go Krivis/Cruzader/Exorcist (not in this order)
So you’ll have good skills and self support to do things by yourself.
I have a druid/exorcist/cruzader as a main and it is really strong and I have a miko/diev/exorcist for CMs.
And I really think you should try any combination that seems nice to you and then you can change if you dont fit it.
Mostly of my characters were created by trying … Until I got something useful and nice to play with, like my sapper/pied piper/arbalester hahahahaha
It’s up to you as well.