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Returning player and lost in the game

All right the ep12 quest line is out of the way, thanks to @7aniki for the intensive help xD
now i’m focusing on the weeklies and cm7 and silver farm righ? the only problem i have no ■■■■■■■ idea which maps i should be grinding and what weeklies i should be doing since i have no friends playing the game hahahaha
For now i’m doing casual raids, daily CM on lvl 420 maps, and just it i have no idea what i should be doing now… so any help thoughts are welcome

PS.: i’ve searched for a “end game 101 guide” but could not find any up to date =/


i-i-its not like i have free time to help anyone, baka!

0. Join guild

  1. Go make flagbot build (corsair-thaum-enchanter)
  2. Equip your flagbot with +11 savi armor set and use flagbot to spam cm7 at lv 421+ map (hopefully you can survive)
    2.5 if you lucky get vaivora from your CM run, it will boost your wealth tremendously
  3. Do DG 400 diligently everyday with all your char, 3 blessedshard/day/char. Blessed gem is back to old days farming way
  4. Pray you get any free T10 varna gear from this event

Unless you have T10 scroll, i dont think its wise to transcend varna gear to T10 manually using BG. This is the twilight time for varna, in couple of months people will be migrating from varna to lv 440 savi -> lv 440 legenda, goddess/demon armor set too, will need a lot of BG to create/transcend them

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thanks a lot, i’ll do it, fells sad to jump from a char to another, but that’s the game i guess

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you dont need to abandon your archer, flagbot is just the cheapest and safest option to join CM7 party, for funding your main char

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This is the guide you were probably looking for: What to do at High Levels / How to get Stronger [Version 5.0]


since i have 4 more character slots, is there any “essential” class that i should have? alchemy or Squire or Pardoner… or just a full support for easy groups xD

  • Main character
  • Healer
    Can be coupled with Pardoner to have a shopping / healer class in your build. You’ll get party invites to CM7 Vaivora weapon farming and raid dungeons much quicker.
  • Farming character
    If you’re into that otherwise just use your main character to farm.

Other than that, there are no strict rules on characters you absolutely need to have, because the classes get balanced often to keep all of them on the same level.

You can also take a look at this list to see, if there are any builds that look interesting to you:

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so, i should focus on getting 430 gear? or use magnifiers on the Legend 400 gear that we get from ep11 box? both looks like it’ll take time and huge amounts of silver xD