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What to do at High Levels / How to get Stronger [Version 5.0]

End Game content at high levels tend to be a confusing or mysterious topic for new and returning players. Like most MMOs, Tree of savior is similar in the aspect of making your characters grow stronger.

This post will be a summary of the things you can do to make your characters stronger as you approach Higher Levels. (updated for EP12)

Daily Gem Feud

Gem Feud is a PvPvE instance map that can only be accessed at specific times every day. It rewards you with special badges that can be exchanged for Blessed Gems, Loot chance potions, Silver Ichor kits and other nice goodies each day!

Each Gem Feud session lasts for about 15 mins and there are a total of 2 sessions each day which are available right after each other. Accessing Gem Feud can be done by visiting the Crystal Mines (PvP) NPC in each town.

The first session of each day is “Uniform Mode” Gem Feud. This means that every player who enters will have their current items forcefully unequipped and be given some special coin currency items.
These coins can be used to exchange for standardized equipment at the NPC that is located where players will spawn into. Players will only be able to use these standardized equipment sets inside this session.

The second session of each day is “Normal Mode” Gem Feud, which allows players to use their own equipment in.

The most notable reward that most people want are the Blessed Gems which can be obtained twice per day by exchanging enough badges.

Read up on the Gem Feud content here!

Transcending and Anviling your gear

Upgrading your equipment is essential to getting stronger in Tree of Savior.

One of the methods you can do this is to anvil your equipment. Anviling equipment increases their base values by an amount depending on how much you can successfully anvil them.
This can be done by using anvils which are either purchased from NPCs, Players or found via drops. Once you have selected your anvil target, proceed to hit the anvil 3 times and check your targeted equipment. Success in when anviling will result in an increase in item values and anvil levels (e.g sketis rod + 7 to sketis rod + 8) while Failure when anviling will result in a decrease of item potential, item values and anvil levels (e.g sketis rod + 7 from sketis rod + 8).
Anviling has a guaranteed success rate up to +5 and a scaling down success rate capping at 51% at +11 or higher.

Another method is to transcend your equipment. This can be done by using Blessed gems at your Blacksmith NPC in towns to give a big boost in base values for your equipment. You can transcend up to 10 times for every equipment and each stage of transcendence adds a 10% increase of their base values.
Every stage of transcendence will require more Blessed Gems than the last and while this may seem costly, the payoff is well worth it.
It is generally recommended to transcend with the maximum number of Blessed Gems needed for each stage for a 100% success rate, if you attempt to transcend without the maximum number of Blessed Gems required for each stage, there is a chance of failure which will result in a decrease of equipment potential and transcendence level.

Daily Leveling Dungeons

The normal Daily Leveling Dungeons are a great way to level up if your characters are not already above lvl 360. The dungeons will reward you with Silver, Experience and an amount of cubes which correspond with the completion rate of the dungeon when completed.

The Daily Leveling Dungeons will give you reduced exp the higher level you are from the specific leveling dungeon, however they still drop the reward cubes which can give you Talt, Cards, or other special materials and items which might be useful.

Talts can be used to upgrade Guild levels or sold to an NPC for 5k each, it is usually better to sell it on the market for 6k+ or use it to upgrade guild levels. Talt is also a great form of bartering tool as some people accept it as a form of pseudo-currency when trading.

You can access the Daily Leveling Dungeons by speaking to [Sentinel Rian] in Klaipeda town at the right side of the fishing pond near the top right corner of the map, you will only be able to access the dungeons which you are at the minimum level of or higher.

You can also access the dungeons by speaking with [Sentry Viola] in Orsha Town and [Sentry Ailee] in Fedimian Town.

The Daily Leveling Dungeons list and their minimum levels are as follows:

  • Underground Chapel (Minimum lvl 50)
  • Historic Site Ruins (Minimum lvl 120)
  • Monument of Desire (Minimum lvl 200)
  • Catacombs Underground (Minimum lvl 270)
  • Lanko Lake (Minimum lvl 330)

Daily Variable lvl 400 Dungeon

This is a new addition to EP12, being a lvl 400 dungeon whose map varies with each different day of the week. You can access it by speaking with [Sentinel Rian] in Klaipeda town at the right side of the fishing pond near the top right corner of the map.

The map list for each day of the week is shown below:

  • Monday: Crystal Mines
  • Tuesday: Seven Valley
  • Wednesday: Catacombs
  • Thursday: Canyon Belt
  • Friday: Castle
  • Saturday: Siauliai
  • Sunday: Royal Mausoleum

Upon completion of the dungeon you will obtain experience, 6x talts and 1x blessed shard.
Blessed Shards are incredibly important as they can be made into an item called Blessed Gems. The Blessed Gems are required in a process called Transcendence which can boost the basic values of your equipment by a large amount, this is extremely important in making your characters do the most possible damage they can and survive the longest they can.

Therefore it is always recommended to obtain as much of these shards as possible when you are able to.

Challenge Mode

Challenge mode is a feature that can be done to farm Silver, Items and Experience. It is recommended to tackle Challenge Modes as a party and you can access it by killing mobs on a field until a purple flashing monster spawns, if you kill the purple flashing monster, a portal to the challenge mode for that area appears. You can do Challenge modes once per day per character and Challenge modes can only be accessed when you are lvl 100+.

Inside the Challenge Mode, an empty bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Monsters will continuously spawn and killing the monsters will fill the bar up. Once the bar is filled, a boss will spawn and killing it would finish that specific stage. You can choose to end the challenge there and receive rewards or attempt a higher stage. Higher stages will spawn stronger monsters in greater quantities and will be harder, however the rewards are greater too since you get more loot chance with every stage.

Usually, Challenge Modes up to stage 5 is relatively easy while stage 6 and 7 tend to get more difficult and require geared members.

Generally you obtain around a good amount of pure silver per stage 5 CM run(in a party setup) and also any extra equipment/powders and raid stone recipes. These Stones are important to access the Unique Raid Dungeons which can drop the recipes to very strong equipment that can augment end game equipment via ichoring.

At higher level maps, it is possible to obtain Vaivora Equipment from the elite monsters. Therefore when you do CMs at stages 6 and 7 where elite monsters spawn frequently, it is a good way to attempt to farm for these much sought after equipment.

Overall, Challenge Modes are a great method of obtaining tons of nice equipment, important materials and pure silver whilst getting experience to level up!

Unique Raid

Unique Raids are dungeons in which you will be able to obtain unique equipment items from. You need Raid Portal Stones to access these dungeons and the drops are incredibly useful for end-game gearing. Most of the items and recipes can sell for multiple millions of silver on the market depending on your server. It is recommended to do these dungeons with a party that has a good balance of classes such as having at least 1 member able to heal others.(via cleric classes or alchemist)

The Unique Raid dungeon lists and locations are as follows:

  • Former Fantasy Library (Minimum lvl 330) - Zima Suecourt
  • The First Refuge (Minimum lvl 330) - Nobeer Forest
  • Magic Research Facility (Minimum lvl 380) - Starry Town
  • Asiomage Testing Grounds (Minimum lvl 380) - Frienel Memorial
  • Astral Tower Closed Quarters (Minimum lvl 380) - Astral Tower 4F
  • Tomb of The White Crow [Unique] (Minimum lvl 400) - Rasvoy Lake
  • Lepidoptera Junction [Unique] (Minimum lvl 420) - Stele Road

Legend Raids (Party)

These are end-game raid dungeons which are very difficult. Challenging them is required in order to get the absolute best equipment in the game. You can run these raid dungeons up to 5 times per week normally. You will need to run them with a party and it is recommended to be at least semi-geared beforehand to be able to clear the raids. You can also choose to break past the 5 times per week limit by using multiple Legend Raid Stones which can enable you to enter additional times according to how much Legend Raid Stones you have. When you successfully complete legend raids, there is a low chance to obtain Arts Pages which are useful items that can be used to upgrade your skills and spells.

  • Earth Tower (Minimum lvl 260: Lolopanther floors / Minimum lvl 310: Solmiki Floors) - Istora Ruins
  • Velcoffer Raid (Minimum lvl 360) - Tehvrin Salcite Cave Section 5
  • Tomb of the White Crow [Legend] (Minimum lvl 420) - Rasvoy Lake
  • Lepidoptera Junction [Legend] (Minimum lvl 420) - Stele Road

Legend Raids (Solo/Casual)

This is an end-game raid dungeon which can be very difficult. Challenging it is required in order to get the absolute best equipment in the game. You can run the raid dungeon up to 3 times per week normally. You can only run them Solo and it is less taxing than it’s party raid counterpart. It is however still recommended to be at least semi-geared beforehand to be able to clear the raid. You can also choose to break past the 3 times per week limit by using multiple Legend Raid Stones which can enable you to enter additional times according to how much Legend Raid Stones you have. When you successfully complete legend raids, there is a low chance to obtain Arts Pages which are useful items that can be used to upgrade your skills and spells.

Completing the Solo/Casual Raid will net you less rewards than the Party Raid counterpart and will NOT allow you to reroll the bonus cube at the end of the raid. You can run both the Solo version AND the Party version of the raid as they both have different entry limits.

  • Tomb of the White Crow [Legend - Solo / Casual] (Minimum lvl 420) - Rasvoy Lake

Free Field Farming

Generally when your character is over lvl 300, you will start to worry about where to obtain silver. Field Farming is a great way to farm silver without any restrictions. Maps that have monsters which drop special materials for Unique Raid Recipes are extremely good to farm in. This is because you can obtain pure silver as well as those materials which can be sold on the market for extra profit along with whatever armors and weapons you find from mobs!

Field Farming in certain high level maps(lvl 400+) also has a chance of dropping a type of material known as Planium which is well sought after to make Legend Tier items. You can also choose to farm at the new EP12 maps which has a chance to drop important dysnai equipments for ichoring and also a small chance for the elite monsters to drop prized Vaivora items.

If you have done all your dailies and finished your quests, you can also field farm for the purposes of leveling up whilst making silver.

Hunting Grounds

Hunting Grounds are specialized locations for the purposes of farming items. All the monsters at Hunting Grounds have a chance to drop special materials such as Mithrils, Opals and even Blessed Shards. Keep in mind that monsters at Hunting Grounds tend to be more difficult and have a relatively higher hp here than on fields. It is recommended to either be in a party or be geared enough to survive and kill the monsters at these locations.

The List of Hunting Grounds are as follows:

  • Tavorh Cave (lvl 100)
  • Narcon Prison (lvl 150)
  • Natarh Watchtower (lvl 170)
  • Tatenye Prison (lvl 190)
  • Neighport Church East Building (lvl 210)
  • Sjarejo Chamber (lvl 230)
  • Netanmalek Mausoleum (lvl 240)
  • Rancid Labyrinth (lvl 280)
  • Balaam Camp Site (lvl 300)
  • Michmas Temple (lvl 320)
  • Nazarene Tower (lvl 340)
  • Baubas Cave (lvl 370)
  • Irredian Shelter (lvl 390)
  • Outer Wall Sewers (lvl 400)

Tip: The monsters in Outer Wall Sewers have a chance to drop Planium when killed. Planium is an item which can be used to craft a type of Legend Tier Equipment!

Weekly Special Bosses

Within the special Hunting ground of Irredian Shelter, you can fight 2 different bosses within the middle of the map once portals to them spawn near the start of the map(bottom left of the middle square). Upon successfully killing whichever boss you choose, you will obtain a special reward cube that contains items such as Blessed Shards, Magic Stones, Irredian Class Seals, Irredian Accessory Sets.

The 2 bosses you can attempt in Irredian Shelter are Amiss Dog and Madon Maiden.

Within the special Hunting ground of Outer Wall Sewer, you can fight a boss (Misrus) which can be entered from interacting with a device on the middle right corner of the map. You can obtain special scrolls by defeating monsters in the Outer Wall Sewer map which can be exchanged to buff your character during a Misrus fight, these buffs only apply in the Misrus fight and the scrolls disappear once you exit the map. Upon successfully killing the boss, you will obtain an Attribute point voucher along with a special reward cube that contains items such as Misrus Legend Cards, Misrus Spirit Fragments, Misrus Equipment, Misrus Chains, Arts Pages and Magic Stones.

You can kill 5 of these bosses per week and if you fail to kill the boss, it wont cost a run due to it only counting if you successfully complete the kill.

Keep in mind that your runs are shared between BOTH Irredian Shelter and Outer Wall Sewer. This means that for example: if you kill Amiss Dog 4 times for the week, then you can only do 1 more kill on either Amiss Dog, Madon Maiden or Misrus for that week.

Mercenary Daily Quests

If you are wanting to do some field farming, it is also good to head to Receptionist Donnes and do the daily mercenary quests while you are field farming. You are able to do them twice per character per day and you either obtain attribute point vouchers on weekends or a bunch of pure silver on weekdays when completing the mercenary quests

Gem Enhancing

Gems are items which can be inserted into an empty socket of an Armour or Weapon to provide bonuses. They can be found as a reward from doing party quests or from the gem merchant in town which appear in set time slots.

It is recommended to Roast your Gems with an Alchemist Shop to remove any negative effects from the gem itself, this makes it so that the gem only provides positive benefits.

When farming areas or hunting mobs, sometimes gem abrasives will drop. You will need to fuse gems into each other to level them up and make them stronger. Generally Level 5 Gems tend to be cheap and good to use for budget gear whereas lvl 7-10 gems are saved to be used for end game equipment.

Gems can be fused by sitting down by pressing the insert button and selecting the gem fuse option from the new hotkey bar that pops up.

Collection Farming and Title Hunting

Doing the Collection boxes and collecting Titles will reward you with extra stats, Players who enjoy maxing out their characters will tend to do as much of this as possible to give them an edge over others as well as working towards being a completionist. Collection boxes can be found in some maps in treasure chests, you will be able to turn them in and complete them at the Magic Association NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha towns.

Hidden quests and Zemyna Statues

There are certain Hidden quests that reward you with Stat boosts when completed, doing these quests usually take a bit of time but the extra stats are nice to have. There are also benefits to visiting and praying at every single Zemyna Statue possible, this is because each Zenmya Statue you pray at, rewards you with an additional stat point that you can spend at your leisure.

Weekly Uphill runs

Uphill is a unique dungeon that can be found in the Saalus Convent map. The objective is basically to defend the torch in the middle from monsters for 15 stages. The more rounds you are able to complete, the more rewards and loot you get. There is an option to pick between the Normal or Hard difficulty variant of Uphill when you enter the dungeon. The Hard difficulty variant is much more punishing but offers greater rewards.
You can do 4 uphill runs per week. As you complete more uphill runs, you will obtain points which can be spent at the uphill point shop which can offer some interesting goodies.


Fishing is a nice little side content you can do everyday to obtain awakening stones, soaked card albums, maid costume boxes among random material drops and silver fishes. You can try out fishing by heading over to Klaipeda Town and talk to the Fishing NPC north of the map to get started at the fishing pond nearby.

You can also use the Silver Fish at the Fishing NPC to rub them and record their sizes. If you manage to secure the highest rubbing rank for that week then you will have a golden statue of your character in Klaipeda town for all to see. You can interact with the statue to provide a server wide loot chance buff lasting different durations and intensity depending on which options you pick.

Sometimes a lucky person might fish up a golden fish which will award the entire server with a +50% exp buff for 30 mins!

Remnants of Bernice

Remnants of Bernice is a special solo ranking dungeon content that is available by speaking with the Oracle Master in Klaipeda town at lvl 300+. It consists of a timer of 15 minutes and the objective is to reach the highest stage you are able to within those 15 minutes. Every stage has increasingly stronger and larger amount of monsters along with a boss at the end.

Once you complete or fail to complete the dungeon, it will record your stage ranking and be shown on a scoreboard which is available to the whole server to view.

There are no limits to how many times you participate per week but players will be rewarded only for their highest personal record for that week. Rankings are reset 6 AM server time every Monday and rewards can be retrieved starting from 9 AM server time, Monday.

Depending on how many stages you clear, you will be awarded with different amounts of Bernice Coins that can be used to exchange for special items at the Oracle Master’s Remnants of Bernice shop. Some notable items include Rare, Unique and Legend Enchant Jewels along with Repair Kits.

The top ranking players of each base class will also be awarded a Incense Burner Potion each week which provides an aoe buff that gives increased HP/SP/Regeneration/Loot Chance for an hour.


Awakening is a process that can be done to equipment which bestows upon them random extra stats in a new line depending on their type.

Generally awakening an item will use one of the item’s potential for each attempt. However there as a way of doing this without using the item’s potential. This is done by using an item called an “Awakening Stone”. Awakening Stones can be obtained from special events or from fishing.

To awaken an item, you will need to find a player alchemist awakening store in towns and click on the shop to open up the awakening window. Place your item in the big box and if you are using an awakening stone, you can place the stone into the smaller box at the bottom labeled sacrificial material. Then you can press the awaken button which is shown and your item will have an extra random stat roll.

You can only have 1 awakening line in your item, however you can reroll that line if you would like different stat rolls or different values by awakening it again.

The list of possible awakening lines are shown below:

  • Magical Attack
  • Physical Attack
  • Magical Defense
  • Physical Defense
  • Evasion
  • Accuracy
  • Critical Rate
  • Critical Attack
  • Elemental Property Attack
  • Elemental Property Resistance
  • Max HP
  • Max SP
  • HP Recovery
  • SP Recovery

Enchant Jewels

Enchanting is a process that can be done to your armors and weapons which provides them with incredibly unique extra stat rolls in a new line.

In order to enchant an item, you will need an enchant jewel which can be obtained at a low chance when you dismantle equipment with the level and rarity of the jewel corresponding to the equipment which you dismantled. Higher levels and rarities of enchant jewels will mean a higher chance of larger stat rolls.

After obtaining the jewel, you can select it in your inventory and a window will appear in which you can place your target equipment inside. After that, you can click on the enchant button and your targeted equipment will obtain a random unique extra stat roll.

You can only have 1 enchant line in your item, however you can reroll that line if you would like different stat rolls or different values by enchanting it again.

The list of possible enchant lines and their max values are shown below:

  • Accuracy (25%)
  • AoE attack ratio (3)
  • Block (25%)
  • Block penetration (25%)
  • Critical rate (25%)
  • Critical resistance (25%)
  • Damage on boss monsters (15%)
  • Damage when critical (15%)
  • Evasion (25%)
  • Magic damage taken reduced (25%)
  • Main weapon attack damage (15%)
  • Movement speed (3)
  • Physical damage taken reduced (25%)
  • PvP damage (15%)
  • PvP damage taken reduced (25%)
  • Subweapon attack damage (15%)


Ichoring is a feature that converts an equipment sub-stats into an item that can be applied to Legend grade equipment. All features related to ichors are performed by Teliavelis in Fedimian. Players who dab into end game equipment will no doubt go through the process of ichoring items. The process to ichoring is time consuming and tedious, as well as expensive and number crunching. However, the rewards are extremely well worth it and a must for any high level player.

This makes it so that the process of ichoring is also something that can be capitalized. Players farm for Primus or Berthas equipment which have useful rolls in order to sell to other players who wish to use it as an ichor, Some players even sell ichors directly on the market which can be profitable.

Generally players will wish to get the equipments to as close to its maximum roll as possible before trying to transform it into an ichor for implanting into their legend gear.

The maximum rolls that can be obtained for the highest level equipment are shown in the table below:

Type/Equip Attack by Type Add.Damage Attack Offset Critical Resistance Add.Damage Resistance Stat Stamina Looting Chance Critical Rate and 7 others Max SP
Armor 530 794 530 265 794 80 19 80 265 530
Shield/Sub/One Handed 993 1489 993 497 1489 149 35 149 497 994
Weapon Accessory 497 745 497 249 745 75 18 75 249 498
Two Handed 1489 2233 1489 745 22333 224 53 224 745 1490

If you wish to understand the full scope of ichoring, it is recommended to check out Edo’s Ichoring Guide for more information.

Field Bosses

Field Bosses are tough bosses that spawn at different times and can award special loots when killed. Field bosses can be categorized into 2 types:

  • Superior Field Bosses (Demon Lords)
  • Special Field Boss (Demon Lord Moringpogia)

Superior Field Bosses re-spawn in channel 1 every 4 hours after they are killed. There will be a global message sent to all players 10 minutes before Field bosses spawn.
The list of Superior Field Bosses and their spawn locations are as follows:

(Inner Wall District 8)

  • Demon Lord Marnox
  • Demon Lord Helgasercle
  • Demon Lord Mirtis
  • Demon Lord Rexipher

(Emmet Forest)

  • Demon Lord Blut
  • Demon Lord Zaura
  • Demon Lord Nuaele

The Special Field Boss: Moringpogia is different from the normal Superior Field Bosses.

(Northern Parias Forest)

  • Demon Lord Moringpogia

It extremely tough to kill and does a high amount of damage, it also influences the areas around it to become zones which can eradicate players if they stay too long inside.
A spawn message will be shown to all players in the server 10 minutes before it spawns and it re-spawns 4 hour after it is killed.

The Goddess’ Grace event will be started 3 minute after the special field boss Moringponia has been defeated, players can participate in the Goddess’ Grace event from the major cities of the game even if they have not participated in the battle against Moringponia.

The Goddess’ Grace event allows players to donate 100,000 Silver as an ‘offering’ in return for a chance to win a random item from the provided item list by clicking on the [Offering] icon next to the minimap, the donated silver will be distributed amongst the parties that took part in defeating Moringponia based on their contribution rankings.

The Goddess’ Grace event takes place for 10 minutes and can be ended early when all Legend-grade items are distributed.

Monster Cards / Legend Cards

You can equip Monster Cards that can provide special effects or stat increases depending on which cards you choose to use.
Monster Cards can be leveled up from 1 - 10 and the higher the level they are, the more of their respective bonuses you gain.

Monster Cards are divided into 2 types, these are Normal and Legend.

Normal Monster Cards are basic cards which are separated into 4 color types and you are only allowed to equip a maximum of 3x of each color. This means that you are allowed to equip a maximum of 12 Normal Monster Cards (3 Red + 3 Blue + 3 Purple + 3 Green).

You can level up Normal Monster Cards by sitting down and using the fuse monster card option which fuses other monster cards or enchant cards as fodder into exp for your chosen monster card.
It takes a total of 5400 exp to level a Normal Monster Card from level 1 to 10.

You can read more about Normal Monster Cards here!

Legend Monster Cards are rare cards which have a golden border, and can only be equipped if you have the legend card slot unlocked from completing all the episode main quests.

You are only allowed to equip a maximum of 1 Legend card and their strengths are extremely potent.

While Legend Cards tend to have very powerful effects, leveling them up is extremely costly and a long term goal.
You will need to purchase Belorbs from the Magic Association NPC along with sacrificing other legend cards and normal monster cards in order to level your chosen Legend Card.

You can read more about Legend Monster Cards here!


The Arts System is the system through which the hidden potentials to player character’s skills can be unlocked. They will be made available in the form of tomes. The tomes that contain these “Arts” are named [Mystic Tomes] and there are different tomes specific to different Arts. After having obtained an Art, the Art will be bound to your character as an attribute.

Certain arts are the core of a specific class build while others offer very nice bonuses to already valuable skills and spells.

If you wish to read up on Arts and how to obtain them, please refer to this announcement post.


Seals are a type of item which are linked to your base class and can be equipped to provide substantial bonus stats or effects. This means that a Swordsman can only equip “Swordsman” type seals and so forth. You can level your seals up to upgrade their potency by fusing other seals of the same level into them, along with some magic stones to increase the success rate.

There are currently 3 series of seals which can be obtained in the game, each providing different bonuses and methods of acquisition. The different series and methods of obtaining them are listed below:

  • Kaze: This is the basic set of seals which can be obtained by completing the Level 360 Boruta quest in Vedas Plateau which can be started by speaking with the [Kupole Kaze] NPC there. It is limited to one per character that completes the quest and you can always make new characters to do so.
  • Irredian: This is a slightly more powerful set of seals which can be obtained from defeating the weekly free bosses; “Amiss Dog” and “Madon Maiden” in Irredian Shelter. Once you defeat the bosses, you will obtain an Irredian Cube which has a chance to drop these seals.
  • Boruta: This is the most powerful set of seals which can be obtained as a reward from a Guild DPS Race type content known as Boruta Kapas and also from the Boruta Guild Raid. They are vastly more expensive than the previous sets of seals and are well sought after. Upgrading Boruta seals are also quite costly, but provide immense bonuses if you are able to do so. Many players also choose to sell these seals on the market so that even if you are unable to do Boruta, you can obtain them from trading or purchasing them on the market.


An Ark is a unique type of item which can be equipped on an Ark Slot to provide diverse additional stats. You can upgrade Arks by spending in-game materials and when it is upgraded to a certain level, it unlocks its special effects to help the player.

You will have your very first Ark as you go through the Episode 12 quests and in the future, it will be possible to acquire other uncommon Arks from content rewards.

Upgrading Arks can be done by using the Combine Ark function during rest mode(sitting down). Whilst upgrading Arks can be extremely costly as it’s levels increase, its stat returns are not too bad and will also be more worth it in the future. Currently it is more of a resource sink if you have nothing else to spend your resources on.


A good read and new players will find it helpful! Just 1 thing:
try to use a different word for “special” or just avoid it in some cases (you used it 36 times in this text)

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Changed some of it. :hey:


Nice guide, just a correction, now we have Sentry Viola(Orsha) and Sentry Ailee(fedimian) for dg entry. These two near the gem feud entrances.

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