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Returning newbie questions :c


Hi guys. I got some question, played 2 years ago, and now dont know alot of stuff :frowning:

  1. Being honest - it feels GOOD to play without real money for shop or no? i dont mean “doable” cause i know it is, but its feels good to play or strongly worse than with shop?
  2. My char level 100 is on EU Femidian server. Its oK or not - maybe its too old server and new players are playing on other new servers?:frowning:
  3. We already know all class numbers and etc from new expansion? if yes - is archer still a good class? 2 years ago i was planning about Quirel Shooter class :C dunno now… i liked the style of fight where u fast running while fast shooting with class skill (running shoot?)
  4. is there any updated working addons manager?o.o
    thx for answers <3


1- You won’t find anything for real money that gives you such a huge advantage that you feel like game isn’t fun without playing I have fun and I have put no money on the game at all…
1a- That been said, game isn’t perfect and can be very restrictive, but it also balance by giving players lot of free stuff… Make sure to go to event notice board on on klaipeda town and get event rewards same day that you return

2- You will be fine, if you are from EU I would say stick with Fedimian, it might have lower population compared to others, but if everyone say “let me leave cause there is less people” there server will end up empty so don;t be a wuss and abandon your home server (unless you now live far from it and have a closer server) :wink:

3- I would recommend jumping here and here KToS General Thread v4.0 (keeps updating and changing) they are full of info of what’s coming next week and it is big, or you can wait for the full patch to come in a few days (prob 5 :confused: ) that would be good read…

4- I think the basic ToS Manager is up to date, BUT with the new overall changes coming to the game it is impossible for me to tell if anything will work the same or not…


ty,you are cute^^