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Returning Musketeer!

Hey everyone. I stopped in Episode 8 and I played a Musketeer/Wugushi/Pied Piper. My intention is to be great at bossing, but I want to have Musk in the build because it’s my favorite class. What combination would be best?

I’ve been doing some reading and I’m interested in

  1. Musk/TH/Wugushi.
  2. Musk/Hunter/TH
  3. Musk/TH/Ranger
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For bossing, 2. is the meta.

1/ Tiger Hunter is trash, don’t pick it until they make some change
2/ Musketeer needed a huge investment or it trash.
3/ You need to be on a party, you can’t solo boss, because you’re too immobile, unless you have supper gears. Like +21, above and can tank.

Suggesting build

Musketeer - Pied Piper / Appraiser - Hunter / Falconer

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Must have super gear

In what? Armor? Can you please explain more?

All DPS builds require very strong gear now, this is not unique to musket. Good gear is generally defined by high transcended legend leather armor, usually +11 or better. For weapon +11 is okay, but +16 is ideal.

Any combination of musket/hunter/tiger/wugu appear to be valid for the highest damage output on bosses. Falc if you want party utility.


+11 for freebie
+16 for well geared, veteeran player

Super gear:
+21 and above (which can cost a whole hell of time and silver)
Full lvl 10 gems (You either a verteeran played for years, who don’t might spend extra 50+m for a few dozen extra atk or a pay 2 play player)
Full Ichor with perfect stat like 3 green / 1 purple or 2 green 2 purle with highest value (Depend on your luck but it won’t cost less than 100+m each piece)
Toucan for Falconer with also same gears equiped on. (Only for top guild with teritory that can have it, or 3 months with every days x1 boruta medal exchange via badge shop, and good luck making 10k badge a day if you don’t want to lost 5bg exchange)