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Returning Mergen has to rebuild again

Hi, a fellow returning player noticed his skills just got reset again and saw some changes like Concentration skill (looks like it’s replacing Swift Step attribute amirite ?).

So i was, IIRC, Arc2 Sap2 Fletch3 Merg3. I may change those if they’re outclassed in PvE right now but i was really fond of this gameplay, especially Fletcher and Mergen. I’m a Fletcher player since the beginning (looooong time now) and Mergen since it’s existing. I also would like to avoid the mainstream Falco build if possible and i don’t play PvP.

I’m taking any build/advice, the more i know, the best it is.

Thx and have a good day

Archer Ranger Fletcher Mergen excels in single target dps/bossing. :slight_smile: there are no more circle 1 2 3 anymore too, so we are now somehow restricted to having efficient and dedicated builds depending on what you prefer and playstyle.

Kinda in a pickle, you like pve but prefer fletcher. While fletcher may still be good dps in pve, it may not be as good as other builds available. If you enjoyed Sapper in the past though, you can try Archer Sapper - x - Musketeer?

there are no more circle 1 2 3 anymore

I went through that big thing, oof.

Archer Ranger Fletcher reminds me of my first build, when i started, i think i’ll go for that. I’ll keep your Sapper/Musk build for an alternate character. Thx again

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