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Returning(and New?) Player Issues


Most of what I’ll say here is before June 1/2 update, I might have missed some changes there since I can’t remember everything written.

Came back to play a bit despite not liking re:build because I was invited by a friend while COVID’s up and I’m waiting for another game that’s currently regional CBT.

I’ll start from what I experienced upon logging in since I started, up to what I’m doing now.

  1. Several classes got shuffled, but I don’t recall seeing a base class reset ever since the first month(?) of rebuild. This ruined a lot of things for me, before I left, my old Squire from the swordsman tree had a lot of leftover materials, I personally didn’t mind this, but now it’s a high level swordsman(which I have several of) with some hidden quests and titles unlocked. I only have 2 scouts and one of them is forced to have squire in it now. I’ll probably delete one of my characters later on with least rare achievements or whatever character bound stuff in it and make a new squire later on, I find this a pain to deal with honestly. I didn’t complain about attributes being useless because the time I logged in I got an attribute voucher that allowed me to extract for free, if this wasn’t given away, that’s another major issue.

  2. When I started playing around, I decided to just make a new character to play the game from scratch and see for myself instead of using my older characters/previous main. I noticed a lot of missing important tool tips/description, or even wrong and misleading ones. Here’s an example:
    (Ignore this, already clarified by 7aniki) Nothing in the description is saying that this requires a squire repair/maintenance ART at all.
    And Penyerapan says additional damage %, but actually adds a flat amount.
    This scroll also does not say anything about capping your Attack to 22000. I noticed this when I downloaded the addon that permanently shows my PATK on screen, so I checked F1 for myself and it is indeed capped.

  3. Continuation of #2 I suppose, the game gave me a lot of 14-day things, which is typical of IMC since this has been going on for a long time. But what, you expect me to use them on trash gear which are worse than your EP11 freebie package? I don’t know really, what I did was take a random high level item and market and do my thing with the 14 day limit. I’m also pretty sure investing on weapons when you’re already given a +11 trans 10 legend 400 weap gives a little bonus and investing on red+purple card combo for 30% damage should give me more damage/silver efficiency, which it actually did and I’m glad I did the right call here.

  4. Game throws you from easy overkill 1-shot everything into a weird EP12 environment real quick. I adjusted to EP12 after a bit and it wasn’t so hard, but that’s because I was given +11 Trans10 EP11 freebie, now what would happen to other characters without these weaps? Armors I can share so I don’t think that would be a problem, basically, legend item or gtfo for ep12?

  5. Continuation of above, there’s now little room for progression, I only see 2 paths?

  • Use Freebie Gear > Farm like a madman > Upgrade to a better legend gear (savi -> skia)
  • Use Freebie Gear > Farm a little > Use upgraded freebie gear > Farm like a madman > Upgrade to a better legend gear (savi -> properly invested savi -> skia)
    People like progression, I think the freebies created a new standard where this is considered “ungeared” or “undergeared” you basically spoonfed people but gave very little information. I had to google and search youtube for majority of how things work, or ask my old friends which are, thankfully still playing the game. I don’t know what to say about this, isn’t removing trans system and weakening the monsters the same? So you chose to make monster stronger, but give freebies to match them so players don’t progress themselves for gear?
  1. Leveling dungeon, I don’t see a lot of issues except for the last, related to what I said above, everything seems ok until you get stuck on queue as level 400 against people who are level 440+, you have to spam cancel and requeue several times over to queue with them, now you enter into that dungeon with penalty (damage received?) Not sure if this was the case but I remember my first time entering and I died to a 20k poison interval. Next few runs I brought dispellers but those are gone now and I see several people dying to it as well, seems normal I guess(?) The difficulty seems ok until you realize that they’re actually hard if you aren’t given these trans10 +11 freebies.

  2. Last Main story boss, intended? I finished this easily on some classes, but the first time I tried it, it took a while with so many deaths until I found out you could cheese it by doing SR. I also noticed a lot of people asking in shout for help on this, maybe put a party recommended flag since the damage is shared within the party or those in the quest. I suppose builds with summons have this quest on easy mode too, since you can’t outrun earth spikes and could only jump dodge them. But any builds with long animation time will definitely have a hard time with this kind of design. Would be fine if people are always willing to help.

  3. A continuation of #4, you’re now stuck to farming CM which was a fun mode before, but turned into a mindless “gotta do it efficiently” grind. You either grind outer 14/15 solo or party for EP12 maps. You’d normally get kicked by a try hard party since they want to run stage 7 as fast as possible so your freebie gears won’t cut it. You’re back to playing solo with the game intending to blast you off to end game. This is the same as not spoonfeeding returnees/newbs with gear, but making the monsters a bit weaker so players learn about stuff themselves gradually and adjust to it.
    Let’s see, what I tried so far using the newbie gear and buying a few stuff in market:

  • Stage 1-7 outer wall solo 15, in 13 mins total
  • Uphill Normal mode solo (Tried hard, does not seem possible yet, maybe it’s possible with a party but I don’t see any Hard mode parties, only Very Hard which people are looking for “very geared”)
  • Older Raids via party, I noticed they aren’t choosy here so I added this on the list, stuff like Velc I suppose?
  1. Bots, same old issue. I think it’s correct to investigate bots that play “normally”, like walk around and use camp warps or backspace warps, those need proper investigation since they aren’t so obvious. But what are these teleporting SRs I see? hit one mob, leave silver(lol) teleport, repeat. I don’t see anything in the system that allows this? I don’t even see camps. And then you have old school sorc-necro bots farming in older maps like sausys 9 and sausys 10.

  2. Related to #8, as I said, CM used to be fun. But you gave so many sources of CM resets and people decided to play efficiently with it and cheese it with the best possible clearing line up to use them all up real quick. This made other methods of silver farming bad and made CM fun into “boring, repetitive”. It was fun before because you could party up with a bunch of random builds that actually work and was fun to play around with and still clear high stages since you don’t spam these all day. Another thing, If this is the main method of farming maybe change CM limit to 15/15 or add more channels, it’s almost always 10/10 on peak hours on all channels.

There’s a lot more to say about class balance, but I won’t dive into this. Overall my experience pre-Re:Build was much more fun than what I had now. I had to progress gears myself slowly and build into Legend Tier (velc).

You say Re:Build will make things easier to balance, I’m sorry but I can’t see this. The reason why you overkill everything in pre-EP12 maps is because of overpowered skill factors given away to balance out with the rest of the classes…to balance out EP12 monsters, a low level basic weapon is enough to overkill.

Now I think you have trouble balancing the classes themselves and decided to just balance them out via end-game gear that modifies skills on higher levels.

Only thing I look forward to is upgrading to stuff like smugis/ataka and ichors I guess

TL;DR: The game is mostly easy, very easy(with exception of stuff like Ep12 Stage 7 CM), the game gives you overpowered skill factors to balance out the rest of the classes for EP12 because they made the content hard, but then gives you EP11 Spoonfeed-OP Freebies to also balance it out???

Nothing in the description is saying that this requires a squire repair/maintenance ART at all

but it is already correct. As long as you equip 4 leather, you can get that effect. Squire art is to bestow that buff to plate/cloth and even leather user

I don’t get it actually, you’re supposed to get the effect as long as you wear 4 leather pieces.

What’s the point of this?

The 15% damage bonus description from squire ART is the same as what’s written with 4 leather attribute, do I get 30% total with squire?

Or do I only unlock 15% after I take squire services?

That’s the problem. It does not say anything about requiring a squire to activate the buff.
Based on this, I’m supposed to get it with or without a squire ART.
^ Seems more appropriate, no?

The 15% damage bonus description from squire ART is the same as what’s written with 4 leather attribute, do I get 30% total with squire?

yes, but only for 30 minutes buff. Squire art enable plate/cloth user to enjoy leather bonus set +15%dmg for 30 minute. Meanwhile if you use full leather, you have permanent +15%dmg (and another temporary 30minute +15%dmg if you use squire-with-leather-art service)

Alright, thanks.

What made this confusing is that the squire art buff says the exact same description as your attribute. So it either doubles your attribute effect or the attribute description is wrong and only works with a squire buff.