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Return to this game and i am enjoying it


So I left the game around end of 2016. Back then cap level was 290. I was in one of the few parties that actually could clear ES. I stopped playing just because my party finally finished our lolo set, then we kind lost goal and took a “short” break.

Came back a month ago because bless online and MS2 did not live up to my expectation. Yea, I actually like tos more. So here are some of my thoughts after one month play.

  1. Game UI and optimization is SOOOOOOOOOO much better now compare the old time. It still lags but the improvement is so obvious. 30 PPL on the same map killing WB and I still have 15 FPS? That is freaking amazing.

  2. Condensed cubes are freaking savior. You have no idea how much crap you had to put up to run ET every day for at least 2 hours aside from all the saalus runs if you have multiple characters.

  3. Leveling is a lot faster and convenient. Challenge mode is really good imo. It kind limits you time spend on grinding so you can do other stuffs (collection my personal favor)

  4. Critical items are no longer time-gated by dungeons. You can just run the most difficult game content with good primus gears (as support of course). So you dont need to make alts to rush the same dungeons over and over again.

  5. A lot people complain about RNG part of the game such as ichor. I found it funny because 5% success rate is pretty high for the end game gear in my mind. I can make around 10m a day and asio recipe is only around 30m. Plus you dont even need it to participate all the game contents.

  6. The only thing I hate is pardoner shop. This thing single handily destroyed early game play. New players dont get to enjoy the beautiful maps of tos and quest lines. They just jump to lvl 300 right the way and find themselves stuck in a daily loop.

Overall I am very happy with the game current state. The only thing missing in my mind is GVG. Back then I was in one of the guilds (shout out for the old “Diamond” buddies) that could face on Crimson and still had a chance. It was fun and we had earned like 2k TP with it. If IMC can fix gvg and put enough reward to keep players engaged, it will be nice.

I also read a lot about rebuild. There are many positive things I am looking forward such as increase quest reward, free class change with earned point and minimize weapon RNG by increase base value. I think all these changes are really make tos more “casual friendly”.

I am writing this just because there are many doomsayer posts out there and I dont see it represents the game current state. Thanks.



Am happy you are enjoying your adventure and welcome back :haha:


rebuild is coming though Owo

i hope you can prepare for it owOb


It’s nice to see some positivity around here.

What do you think about the new classes that came out since 2016 and the raid dungeons?

Make sure to read up on the rebuild update that is coming. Everyone’s already Theorycrafting hard.


It is kinda sad that this is viewed as a positive thing. Wow 15 FPS buttery smooth.


Not everyone plays game because it has best optimazation or amazing visual effect. To me It is nice to have but not necessity. What I said was just to state how much improvement tos has made over the year. I can’t imagine how CM would look like back in 2016, probably would just burn my computers graphic card lol.

Internet is a trash can where people complain complain and complain their unsatisifaction, because this is the only place they can complain. Do we complain why we are not born With silver spoon in hand? No, we find our ways to adapt it and try the best to enjoy what we have. Especially we enjoy when we realize our lives are improved over the year. I see the tos the same way.


I don’t play a lot new classes. However it stood out to me that the visual display of new class spells are way better than anything before R7. Also their job customes are way better than R7s. My priest outfit looks like homeless compare to exo.

I also notice the raids offer many mechanics the previous dg play does not. I like the direction of it but I think it should be more instructive what should be accomplished in different stage. For example I still have no idea what to do in wastral raid even though I already have 10 fragments. There are many good posts out there point out the lack of mechanics and boss AI. I think it is still work in progress but imc got the idea.


If you enjoy the game then good for you but that analogy not only is dumb but it’s also a victim’s mentality. People strive to get the best they can, real life or not, video games or not. And that’s what’s happening with ToS (population): if people don’t like something, they’ll just leave to find greener pastures.

I kind of came to realise that most of the inscure threads like this one which are made to counter this so called doomsaying are made by people with some kind of victim/slave mentality.

And you don’t need to worry about doomposting. Your IMC masters will take care of posts complaining about ToS too much if needed.


I have no idea what you talking about. My post is to express my experience with the game from a return player’s point of view. Because some differences are obvious to me but may not be for the recent player and I would like to share it with others who feel the same way. Am I saying tos is the best game out there and you should stay and play? No.

And i believe you have no idea what a victim/slave mentality is. That means you think you are deserved to be suffering or getting though things that you shouldnt. This is definitely not the case. Again if you disagree or think otherwise you are free to comment, but don’t think you are entitled to judge what are the right or wrong mentality when it comes to deal with problem/issuation. If complaining for the sake of complaining is the right way and it is constructive, I will certainly do so. But that is never the case in real life nor in a video game.


Also back to your point If people should always strive for the best they can have then why the hell they complain about a game? They should just stop playing and move on.

I also pointed out not everyone actually cares about visual/optimazationz. Tos has its defects we all know what they are but why people still playing it? Because what they like about tos outweighs the hate, at least till certain point.


It’s all just an illusion :open_mouth:


It’s strange because lags are far worse right now than before, even with only 50 people in town.

Say what ? I could almost agree if you were talking about a turn based strategy game… but how can you say that for an A-RPG ???

Because if people were doing that you couldn’t return to ToS. The answer is in your title.


Because it’s so hard to imagine that a lot of the actual players just simply enjoy the game despite the problems even when they’ve had to clearly acknowledge them. :thinking:


Positive feedback is being a slave, you heard it here first.

Agreed, but wastrel almost takes the gimmicks a little too far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also ignore the haters. Game has a lot of flaws but they’re continuing to be worked out and improved upon. Sometimes it takes longer than we all like, but nothing is going to please a lot of the current doomsayers, they’re only still here because they have nothing better to do.


You and I must not be playing the same game then. The game optimization is definitely improved compare to 2016. Maybe it is your computer that is lack for performance.

A-RPG must have best graphic? have you heard of legend of wizard? hollow knight?

Your logic is so broken for the third quote. I dont even bother to reply.

  • Player comes back to game and says its worse than before
  • Backlash saying get lost, the game is improving, go play another game and shut up
  • Player comes back to game and says its better than before
  • Backlash saying you’re taking nonsense, game is still poop, you must be blind and starts hating



teach me how?? and in telsiai the cheapest asio good weapon recipe is 40+M, the bad one is under 40M. I am a freemium player, btw


There are multiple ways to farm silver in tos and its no secret to any experienced players. One of the easiest way is To make a lot of characters. It took me on average 6 hours play time to creat a 330 characters (high team level, all map 100%, 2m fund to buy CM reset from market) so I can run 330 dg and saalus. Just doing these two things get you exactly 1m pure silver per character on top of one shard and other junks.

Other hardcore ways include solo high level cm and farm 370HG. It is quicker only when you have a heavily funded dps/farmer build. Personally I don’t like it. Instead I do qs3 bm2 just AA farm in low lvl HG for shard, card book and other stuffs to sell in market. It is less efficient but I am watching tv while doing it so it is less intense.

You can also do gemstone faud with a somewhat decent geared dps build. Just chill and farm gem on the Lowe or upper side the map avoid going to mid where the whales are. You can easily farm enough point to get a blessing gem a day that is 2m already. If you get lucky team with whales you will get even more points.

My personal favor to earn silver is just to check the market see if you can snipe good deal but it requires deeper understand of the game. It is also somewhat a gamble.

Hope it helps.



HA HA HA. Can’t stop laughing. It’s your logic that is totally broken. I quoted this for the performance part, you cherry picked the part of the sentance separated with the term “or” which means it’s not the main meaning of what you’re talking about.

I was obviously not talking about visual effect lol. FPS optimization is a necessity. Why the fuk would I talk about turn based strategy game if I was talking about amazing visual effect. O-M-G.


I hate scrubs that try to hide on crowds :unamused:

If you don’t have the guts to stand on your own, then don’t stand at all…

There is no WE don’t add inverse-ME to your BS :heeey: