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Return to this game and i am enjoying it


Should have added “almost” then, I’m not the only one to say it. Since few patches people are experiencing huge lags in Klaipedia while there’s less and less people with time. You don’t need to be so rude, especially if your message will be deleted :confused:.

You interpreted what I said wrongly. Or I didn’t understand the joke as you were complaining yourself about FPS optimisation on other threads.


Don’t you mean troll flag spam?_?

The more post get deleted the more motivation I get to post more and how did you called it…

if you felt that was rude you don’t want me after another message get “deleted” :smirk:

you got that right at least…



I was obviously not talking about visual effect lol. FPS optimization is a necessity. Why the fuk would I talk about turn based strategy game if I was talking about amazing visual effect. O-M-G.

Do you even understand what “necessity” means? If FPS optimization is necessity (for you) and this game has been missing it for almost 3 years (in your standard), then why are you still playing? still here? Or it must not be a necessity then. You are so stupid and toxic. I am just going to ignore you.


If you want to live in your bubble, yes you should.

Certainly better than you, see below :

Your logic, is again, totally broken. FPS optimization is a necessity, FPS optimization is not mandatory to play the game (but it’s kind of mandatory to have good reviews from the playerbase, and I let you check by yourself global reviews of ToS on Steam). And you totally missed the point. It’s not a nessecity for me, but a necessity for the game. It’s why the majority left this game a long time ago.

I also already explained you one thing you maybe ignored :

Last thing :

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