Reset Support for Rookie/Returning Saviors


If you tried out a new class but your skill set isn’t feeling quite right, have another go during the event and revamp your build!


If I don’t get it wrong then those with max class level, can’t get the item anymore, true?


why cant i use the reset? i got this instead.

your team level higher than one, or you aleady recieve another boost pack.

(if returning saviour, please use your homecoming gift first)

help / need clarification


This is strange. I hit class 45 with a toon, advanced to the next class, but didn’t get reset pots. Is this only for class 45 on the third advancement? (i.e. lvl 390 class 45)


No, I got one from leveling up my base lv 100-something class lv 44 to 45. Maybe you already claim 3 of them before this toon?


None of my toons got a reset potion. My lancer is the first one to reach a class level of 45 during this promo event


Hey did you get a fix for this? My other char doesn’t get it. Only first one.


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