Requesting filter or removal of [System] Card Album server message spam


Hi, can we implement a filter option to not see these server-wide pop-up messages for card album spawns? And separate it from the superior boss announcements as they seem to function too similarly.


Yes please asap. Very annoying.



haven’t seen any card album announcement yet, in what map are you getting them is it town or have to be on same map or what :confused:


Agree, it was pretty pointless. It has no info on the spawn location, so why would we being told of the existence. I know, I know, it’s Lemprasa Pond the album party spot. But what’s the point? I go there and join the kill? Exactly 25 people will be mad at me for doing it. So why tell me it spawned?


Very annoy, please take them off or add filter!


It’s for them whales to flex :whale: