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Removing limitations from Market can save the game!

Here I want to explain how Removing limitations from Market can save the game.
I was once one of the players who bought the Card Lv 400 package, which is a little more expensive, so paying the monthly fee is not such a big problem, but the price of the Token has reached a limit where it is clear that only players with real life resources can enjoy the game, and this makes the game look more and more singleplayer. So the game loses more and more players because of the “FINANCIALLY FROzEN IN GAME” effect that occur. I will explain what is this effect:

The token in the game is the key to almost all access in the game when comes to restrictions.
But to summarize the problem, we need to look at Token prices in game and how the inflation managed to get people away.
Before the value of a token was 20M
It is now at 40M (On average 36M minimum price).
BEFORE: With the cheapest price of the Token, players with money and little time could sell to players with much time and little money, THAT could gradually build the ressources necessary in game, before the effect of Token end up. But now it’s no use to have more time, because only a parcel of players could make 35M only with the content of the game, before the period of the token is over.
The problem is that the value of a Token in real life is more expensive. We understand that the company had to increase the price to replace the lack of players and high dollar, but how does this affect the game?
Token effect ends, players can not make money in game due to market restrictions, and then they get FINANCIALLY FROZEN IN GAME, having on two options, play with whatever they already have, or buy TP directly, not a option for everybody these days.
How to remove limitations from Market can save the game?
AGAIN: When the price of the token was cheaper, players with little money in real life could buy a token buy selling itens and build the necessary resource (around 20M) before the effect of the last Token ends up. But now in case you can’t buy the next token before its effect end up, the time to collect the money again gets huge, considering you won’t be able to sell at the Market after the token effect is over (dont argue, is no use sell in the market without token). This will stop the player, who won’t be able to collect more money in game. There is no way to make money on the market being free account. I’m not even citing the TAX of the market.
By removing the limitations, players would no longer be in this state of “financially frozen in game” , by selling all the itens they could in the market, they could collect gradually the money necessary in game to buy a Token, because they know they will get it someone.
Being not able to sell itens in the market is the problem.
For now: They guy who brought token see its a Pay to Play, but just some people Pay to Play, so its becoming a singleplayer game more and more.
And the guy that want to buy, know that is gradually griding forever the money in game is useless, because there is no comparison.

Work hard to buy from another player.

if your token period end up, its over baby, no game for you. NO HOPE. you will have to wait a long time to make money without Token.

No restrictions from the Market:
Work hard until you get token, in a fair way. to buy from another player. You know no matter the odds, you can get one, and who bought the Token will be happy also.
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Just putting in evidence, how the solution relate to the lack of players.

nah, its not. many can survive without token. even the p2w one.

idk what you are babbling about dude
you dont always make money from market
majority get silver from farming cm or ds
ppl use token mostly to dodge higher tax when selling or for trading item
and when you buy from market you dont need token
the rest of token feature is not that impactful
and you can always store your marketable stuffs you got until you have good enough amount to sell or when the market price is good so that the profit you will get can payoff the token price
cause if its not then it will be a waste to use token
im not even gonna use my token if im not about to selling anything this week, its a waste, unless i calculate i can get somewhere around 100m+ than i will gladly burn my token
for tradable item where its next tradability doesnt really matter for example skill gem,unichored unique gear,recipe etc etc you can also trade it for another item or blessed shard, if its shard then you can craft it into bg and it will become tradable for you to use or to save it to sell later on when you have token up

idk what server you are but in klaipeda token still around 20m ish. thats like 2+ hours of cm, well if its double the price than its double the effort
cm reset daily and more cm and ds voucher available from mb shop so even f2p can grab token if they work hard
or if you just lazy enough to grind for it you can always wait for event but token as event reward is so unlikely

all i see here is you being too judgy and crying with less digging information/knowledge

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Getting a Token is really easy. Just do 12 CMs and you have enough silver to buy one.

I’d rather have less restrictions when token is active. Like 0% fee to put an item on the market and unlimited market slots.

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In my server token is expensive (with silver, about the price with real money idk).
It’s around 40kks and I don’t play enough time to spend 40kks with a single token.
It gets me frozen with my items because I am not encourageged to sell because it must be one by one and it takes time to collect silver and the fee … So I end up “collecting” everything I drop.
So, in my case the only money I have comes from challenge modes and singularity.
Just to ensure: I am not complaining about anything, just saying my personal case.
Can’t afford token, have the items 4ever in my storage. That’s it.

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That is exactly what I mean with the term

What are you talking about? You mean one specificy item? Because IF NOT, remember, you can sell one item per character without Token, PLUS price restriction, PLUS 30% TAX.

What? If its so easy to get a Token, why not use it? Or maybe, someone is not being realistic about it.

Oh I see now, you are comparing yourself, a player in the END GAME with multiple high expensive itens, to an average player that barelly can reach that first nice weapon in the End Game.
Again, please, let’s us all be real.

First of all: CM to be profitable as you mentioned , need to be more difficult (high level) and SECOND:
Its a party event. If you are not a META build, you will have trouble to reach this REPETITIVE objective. But I apreciate your effort to give us more paths. May be you should enlight us more paths.

As a side note:

  • I’m not complaing about the price of the Token in the game or real life. I’m just trying to adress, that the way some rules exists in the game (like market restrictions), its very very difficult to reach the resources necessary in game, so the game become unfair to players and people that buy Token in real life.
  • Again, I can buy 2 tokens a month,its not the issue for me, but this is not about me, its about the feeling of some small ammount of people being able to pay a Token, and by that, making the game feel a Singleplayer atmosfere.
  • Removing the market restrictions, at least the number of itens that could be sold, will revive the economy of the game, where the number of itens is very low compared to some months ago.

Sounds like the other servers are quite horrible. On Fedimian Token is only 15-20M on market and you can pretty much join any CM (it’s only White Witch Hard and Singularity 5 where people demand you having good gear).

But even if you are unable to find a party, right now you can for example do CM Solo or CM in epsiode 11 maps. Then you may need to do 60 runs for 40M for token, but if you do 6 runs per day you should have that money in 10 days.

To be fair, IMC keep smaller TP prices in other servers to help, but even so, the currency of countries compared to the dollar (specially south america and south asia) is so undervaluated, that prices IN GAME has increased a lot, not a IMC fault.

I do agree keep repeating CM over and over for some builds still could do it, but everybody who does more than 2 CM a day, will feel very nauseated for focusing on it everyday, not to mention alone is very time consuming. But it’s a way. I agree. I just don’t think its helpful and healthfull for the game.

Maybe I am wrong then. I’m stil worried about the others, but maybe if you all think its fair to restrict markets so much if the player is not using a Token, I’m the one with the wrong view.

Me daily:

  • connect my Warlock, go to OWD14, do CM7 solo in 10 mins, get 1.4 mil
  • connect my Pyro, repeat
  • connect my Inqui, repeat
  • connect my Mergen, repeat
  • connect my Crusy, repeat

And all these chars (except the pyro which is my main) are alts with level 400 equips. In less than an hour I make 7 mil. Repeat 5 days, token for the month is paid.

Before I was just buying the token the same day the previous one expired because it was easy to get one for as low as 10-11 mil. Now I plan in advance and check regularly for “cheap” tokens. I’ve never bought a token over 20 mil.

Some people in my guild never purchased a token and play without. It’s clearly possible to play without token, although it’s a pain in the ***, especially without storage to pool your silver (you need to pool it on a character).

None of my alts are meta, my old episode 11 cryo still has like 18k matk and I can still clear CM7 on OWD14. If you don’t like doing CM all the day, I’ll tell you the best way to make money: make a new character, level grind quickly to 150+ (should take a couple hours) then do the main quest – I’ve calculated that the new Lancer I made recently has provided me over 100 mil silver in a couple weeks and I’m still around Baltinel Memorial (episode 10) in the questline.

The problem here is not removing the restrictions from the market, it’s just to make tokens available from gacha cubes again, so that people who buy them can sell their surplus. Currently the only way to get a token is purchase via TP, and people don’t want to get on the losing side by selling them for less silver than their real money value. Understandable.

@hybrid01 @rya.reisender

It appear you people have decided

If I understood correctly, the game should remain as it is, and those who want to buy a Token should make your way with CM, no matter how much repetitive and unpleasant this could be.

Just know this:

You people somehow help to shape the game, like city ​​councilors shaping laws. A window of opportunity has arrived to discuss this, and you all (with a rare exception), think it’s fair for people without Token to not use the Market (the limited use make it useless or very disproportionate).

This will have influence in the economy of the game, in the flux of trading prices and volume of itens, and also, in the P2W aspects of the game. When to many players may stop playing the game, less Tokens willl appear in game, and the price of it will rise. The effort to reach the resources to buy it will always increase, meaning your repetitive tasks will get even more repetitive, taking the joy out of it.

Now the discussion is over. You should enjoy ToS as it will be… enJOY if you can.

The people have spoken.


dont bother reply this guy
he just lazy and love to cry and just agreeing to himself
you know just remove the game
no game no cry

yet you are replying. thanks for the atention.

also, if you dont have argues, you can leave the topic too.

yeah i was here to say goodbye to a deaf loof person who rather cry than listen
if anyone smarter a bit than him going to give him advice below me, dont bother, waste of time

oh the insults, i love it, the best way to run away from a debate.
again: thanks for the atention. be back when something useful to say appear.

@GM_Francis you are permited to lock the thread.

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