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Remove Taxes from GTW

Simple enough, just remove it completely. There’s no reason for it to be a part of this game.

The taxes already existed, now they’re just distributed to the 3 winning guilds.

Propose a reward that would still incentivize participation if you don’t like it.

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Provide mats that are relevant to the current content to the winning guilds.

Tax always existed, but there’s no reason why the winning guilds need to be given more raw silver while everyone else suffers for not being part of an elite group.

I mean Boruta already gives mats and recipes for the BIS and that is going over so poorly they are removing the content in two months.


GTW should only give mats. Let everyone have a chance at getting the recipes through dungeon raids or new field bosses.

We’re talking about 3 guilds who have 30+ active players getting a couple 100M weekly; if split among all their players this is coming out to less than 10M per player/week (at least with tax rates in NA).

This is not game breaking.

Rather than erasing the taxes, why don’t you compete on GTW with your guild then get yourself those taxes?

You can’t stop people from whaling nice items out there, except that you whale yourself into heaven.

GTW reward only give something that increase your income, unlike current boruta where it gives recipe for accesories and its a mandatory thing for gear progression but it only limited to 3 guilds.

im not in a guild that seize any GTW area, and i dont think the reward is game breaking like boruta, as for boruta IMC even making to make it guild content in future so every endgame player with endgame gear and decent guild can upgrade their gear furthermore, because they realized that gvg boruta isnt something that should even exist.

you wont be suffering from lack of silver from not having to seize GTW area, unless you are lazy, just do dailies, cm and field farming (now field has very good mob density).

As for Botaru, it is going to be deleted, and being exchanged into guild raid that any guild can do (with lv 15 as prerequisite).

Anyway, it’s easier to get silver in this patch. You can either farm yourself Planium then sell it, make your character strong enough to do solo CM until stage 5, or just farming through HG and sell the loots.

Oh also, Ignas raid can give you recipe to be sold with nice price.

Honestly I thought the taxes were terrible when the content was announced since they were going to do it in a messed up way (providing you with copper bars to sell to NPC or something like that), but the way they implemented it is OK and winners of GTW get silver to invest in whatever they need to participate in GTW for the next week or to improve the guilds overall gear.

The additional 3 maps will have attribute points as a reward which will help smaller guilds get stronger and potentially compete in tax maps.

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I dont mind the guilds getting silver from gvg, but what i dislike is that they can increase the tax above the nominal amount.
They can buff the silver for all i care, just dont let guilds increase prices for people who dont have anything to do with their pvp minigame.