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Remove Irredian Shelter from Anastazija Riddles


For those unaware, Anastazija in Fedimian gives 1 riddle everyday per character to recover an Adventurer Token. There are a lot of maps in the pool and each riddle will make you go to one of these maps.

One of them is Irredian Shelter. This token is located in a part of the map you need to activate the right portal. For that, you kill mobs. Sometimes you stay for 2 minutes, 10, 20, 30, 40+ minutes to open the portal. (map below)


Please, either remove the map from Anastazija Riddles or change the location of Adventurer Token or instead of a portal, put that statue for us to use Seal of Space.

Thank you.


I agree, it shouldn’t be this much of a hassle. I use my sage character for this map. Use teleport, save the spot, then open a portal shop so whenever my other alts got that map I’ll just use the shop haha

Since each character can only do the riddle on that map once, if you have some spare class points, you can also change class that can teleport. Skills that can teleport are: Frenzied Burst (Murmilo), Dragon Fall (Dragoon), Flash (BB), Teleport (Wizard), Beady Eyed (Zealot), Instant Acceleration (Assassin).

Hope this helps if anyone is stuck :satisfaction:


Completely forgot about the sage portal lol, thanks. Gonna try that.

But really IMC should change the map.

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