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Relic 20? For god sake

Aren’t we gonna talk about the fact imc hasn’t implement relic 20 in itos yet?



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Would at least like a confirmation whether we’re going to get it or not. Kinda want to toss these breaths and purifiers and turn them into content points for achievement shop . . .

I also think we really need and/or deserve to know whether it’s coming or not, totally agree with Treasure over here.
Also, I think the hunting ground changes created a huge gap in the farming capabilities of some classes, with the recent event many players at least in Silute switched classes to Keraunos just to farm in 2F. Relic 20 can help lower the gap between classes, so I hope it arrives in the next big patch

not just the fact that relic 20 is not implemented but the amount of FREE breaths, and acquireable items on goddess grace. It seems to be so easy to hit relic 20 even without grinding with current rewards.

+1 , Nice know it , because already have “Purified BoP” raise crown LvL 20 …

When i said it i got lynched

it’s so sad to think about that and conclude they just don’t care for itos

they showed us cookies and proceeded to throw them in the trash, and then looked at our eyes and said:

“That’s not for you kids.”

i still have hope they will bring it to us

Relic needs rework. Do it imc

Also the fact that many players, myself included, spent our silver to purify the breath of power, long before the “res sacrae discount” was implemented.
Will we get compensation if this is not implemented?

Clearly what imc have to do is update their latest decision about relic, which is about a year ago, and be firm with it instead of made what they called temporary decision but then making no further update about it.

It’s been a year already how come they haven’t come up with firm decision about itos relic?

Inform players formally with final decision so players can stop hoping, start burn all their relic resource for something else, and stop spamming this forum with relic requests


With all the freebie BoP and Res gem upgrade stones you’d think its a sign that they’re preping to add crown 20 any moment now XD I think I saved a lot of BoP to level 16 … all my silver goes to gambling for that enhancement thingy coupons …

yeah indeed, i just hope they implement it as soon as possible.
people are saying it would wide even more the gap between players, but if they unlock the cap of relic it might allow non-meta builds to farm 2 bosses in 2f or complete pilgrim without too much struggle…

That is my strategy too.

when relic IMC >:c

Coming soon™

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They gave out enough mats in the last few events to push a crown to 10 easily. All we want is to slap cheeks in other content with the same satisfaction that kToS players do