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Rejoice ! Indonesian players can finally enjoy the game!


Yahallo! I’m Skykyrie from [SEA] Telsiai server, pleased to meet you.

I am the one who made this post about the petition for lifting region lock on Indonesia region. You can find it here :

Yeah, that forum is automatically closed because of no replies after 30 days. But no worries! Because I’m here giving good news that the region lock is FINALLY BEING LIFTED!

YES, IT IS ALREADY BEING LIFTED BY OUR SAVIOR @STAFF_Amy . You can check it yourself on Steam Page of Tree of Savior English Ver. :

But then, when you’re already downloaded the game and finally entering the game, you still cannot enter the server as it will show that you’re being restricted. I already told this matter to the staffs, and hopefully we can finally enjoy the game without using VPN.

Of course, I already updated my petition here :

That’s all from me, and happy playing, Saviors!


A bit forgot thing, it is because of this forum too :

So I think, thanks a lot to @Lynion for actually bringing iTOS to resolve the region lock matter.

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I still can’t connect to the server.
When i ask for help, they send me this.


Firstmedia Ip still blocked😅


Can you reply it with showing the screenshot + the link of Gemscool closes Tree of Savior service announcement?

With that I believe they have no other option to open the region lock unless they will do it after May 31st.

Anyway, thanks a lot that you’ve sent the support ticket.


I already done it last night and they sent me the same thing.
I think i have no other choice than wait.


FeelsBadMan (20 char)


Any update on removing this on server side since you removed it for Steam @STAFF_Amy ?