Tree of Savior

Regarding Event Announcement Posts


This is probably stupid and only adds more work for the dev team but …

Is it that difficult adding a picture of how event rewards look like?

I’ll just use the current gift event thing as an example okay?
This is a direct cropping from the event reward, stating that we’ll have a reward of latte art: bunny or kitty as the final reward, which is great!

Main problem here is that people has no damn idea how they look like in practice!

You guys did a good job with the website landing , and if people think for a moment, they’ll realize that those cups with a bunny and cat thing in is is the latte art: bunny or kitty reward

You’re probably thinking:
"Well that’s the item you’re gonna get, so what is the problem?

Well the problem here is
How the hell are they supposed to look like in game!?
How big are they in proportion to the character?
Where are they placed? On the head? You click on it like the “welcome to tos” board thing?


People have no idea how it really looks like, and that happens with the recent astral tower costume too! People had no idea how it looked like unless they looked into ktos news!

So yes, please add a preview of costume/accessory/whatever reward you’re trying to give to the players on the event announcements